I started repairing broken electronic toys for kids in our family friend circle, and now almost every kid thinks I'm some sort of wizard.

explaining how their toys work inside and letting them help me fix the broken bits.

if I had full freedom, I think I'd do this full time. I love to see the magic in their eyes and help them gain a love for tinkering. maybe take some on as little apprentices, and have them go off into their own hackerspaces, exceed my ability, and grow the community, and continue to foster local build/repair/development.

@gdkar to be fair, 90% of the time its cleaning board corrosion, re-soldering feet on through-hole components, and replacing wires.

I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually had a bad component to try to replace.

magic spoiled

@adasauce Awesome, I'd do the same. Trying to teach people about how things work and hopefully igniting a 'DIY' spark.

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