What was the first album you remember buying when you were a kid?

I'll start: Alapalooza - Weird Al on Cassette

I can remember my brother telling me to stop singing "Livin' in the Fridge", he was super into Aerosmith at the time. It got me beat up so many times. worth it.

@adasauce I probably bought a few tapes of my own, but don't quite remember which ones. (Tom Cochrane's "Life if a Highway" comes to mind.)

The first one I know definitely was my first CD: Bon Jovi "These Days." I've never been a huge Bon Jovi fan, so I don't really know why I chose that in particular. It's a solid album, though. I still listen once in a rare while.

@adasauce I do remember that I *probably* would have bought something else (not sure what), had the timing been different.

I got my first CD player as a birthday present. Since my birthday is pretty close to Christmas, I had to buy an album that wasn't likely to be given as a Christmas gift and so, for some reason, I chose Bon Jovi since I had definitely not asked for it for Christmas.

@ink_slinger I had a couple albums like that. Just whatever was selling well at the time or on display at the music store.

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