freecad, how do you close a GD sketch? it looks like some points are on top of eachother but it doesn't form a "wire".

really trying not to use fusion for this, but really struggling through freecad's UX

tossed over these sketching complications, seems to be working much more like I expect from a parametric modeler, and I'm already 10x further into my model after less than half the time spent fiddling with new tooling.

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so far, has been awesome to work with. :chick_science_ohno:

If you're interested in a nice terse mini-manual, I found one posted in the project forum here:

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@adasauce If points look like they're attached to each other but they're not, have a look at the red dot which shows the correct constraint while modeling. Or mark two (or more) points and add the constraint yourself in Sketcher.

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