love the experimentation getting this 3D printer dialed in. playing with temps, head speeds, leveling the bed.

slic3r has an impressive number of options! can't wait to explore more of it.

another tip: Kapton tape works amazing for printing on vs. masking tape as a bed liner.

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update: a slave to my machine holding a hairdryer around it to keep the bed and ambient temps up.

if this works for a better print ill have to build an enclosure

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update: cyanoacrylate to the rescue. came across an apparently common problem with the feeder tube coming detached from the feeder and just unwinding spool everywhere mid-print.

quick-release fiitting is now permanently affixing.

and i'll have to order some (actually good) new quick release fittings and a teflon hose.

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btw all this printer hacking has come from a 3rd hand XYZPrinter :blobexclaim: that I picked up for about $50 USD in rough condition from someone who didn't want to pay DRM fool tax on filament. slowly learning its shortcomings and improving upon it, hacking it to be better and much more open than it was built and sold to be.

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