oh yeah, digital ocean the tiny little developer friendly competitor to amazon and google!

they're cool and quirky and love developers and have an easy interface. and it's an OCEAN! with DROPLETS! jeeze so cute with the names, they definitely dont take themselves too seriously! πŸ™„

just the 3rd largest hosting provider in the world, literally no difference choosing them if you're exiting big providers. Your money still goes to the same investors, still promising increased profits to shareholders, and still fuckin delivering on it thanks to this sweet developer angle.


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@adasauce Thanks, I had been considering it. Is there an alternative you particularly recommend?

@fool IMO for a digital ocean alternative, I'd see if you have a local OpenStack / CloudStack provider.

The way out of the mess isn't hopping from one provider to the next. like sourceforge -> github -> gitlab -> ?? [whatever is after gitlab once they're invested in].

we need to decentralize. Just like our social networking.

i sort of wish we had a directory to find reputable & open / fair providers

@adasauce @fool one could take the tor isp list (I don't know if it's public, I just got it at some point) and extend it with other criteria? I have small bits of experience for maybe 5 ISPs in iceland and Germany.


I am shocked, SHOCKED I say, to find investors in this Internet establishment!

@deejoe the NERVE of capitalists getting involved in our infrastructure.

@adasauce For a minute I thought you were serious πŸ˜‚ I agree completely. I always have people saying "hey look at DO! their prices are so cheap, a droplet is only $XX.XX/mo". I then point them to a couple I use and their eyes get big πŸ˜‰

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