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A deduplication scheme that can reduce any file to 2 bits.

By removing all the redundant 1s and 0s and only storing each value once per file, our research team has achieved unprecedented file compression ratios.

what's the best way to structure prometheus scape_configs section?

I currently have a pretty flat job_name that is separated by the type of info (node-exporter, cadvisor, etc) and the different targets supplying the data in each. hosts are repeated between the different jobs sometimes, but should they be structured in a way that groups them by host somehow? would that make building dashboards easier later?

where do people get their awesome keycap sets from?

linux pondering 

foss ish gripes 

F1, covid 

Giving the Vieb browser a try.

initial thoughts are that it's pretty neat, but seems super weird that you can't edit text in boxes in a vimmy way.

or I just haven't figured that out yet.

the good ol' days where you did 3d modeling by manually connecting verticies into polygons. but not too many or it would run like shit.

i feel like snaps and flatpaks and appimages are a step towards a closed source and blackbox linux.

like, "oh don't worry, the developer made sure this will work perfectly" and "this is too complex for you peasants to compile from source (gnome calculator)".

sure the packages might get signed by the devs as "this is what I compiled for you", but at what point are they not kept in check, or fall for some npm hack that compiles in a bad dep?

then like a window store purchase where the user doesn't have permission to open their flatpak, just gives it permission to access whatever it needs and hope it works.

corporate support systems are trash 

tech conspiracy 

I'm growing increasingly concerned about how pervasive docker and k8s are, with very few non mega-corp or VC backed alternatives in the wild.

or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

:bing: how to eat an entire bag of pierogies without it making me feel like garbage

fuck people who read the first 2 lines of an email and reply to it without parsing the rest.

even if you hide the obviously easy-to-respond-to parts in the body, those same people seem to be able to parse around it and just cherry pick the easiest response.

DD is the best way to install an OS on any machine, can't change my mind.

dear data people 

Someone has a skewed perspective on what High Definition is.

This is literally the number of pixels in a standard definition broadcast.

It is also being advertised on a brand new product due to be released in Q3 2020.

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