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A deduplication scheme that can reduce any file to 2 bits.

By removing all the redundant 1s and 0s and only storing each value once per file, our research team has achieved unprecedented file compression ratios.

yet another arch discord version mismatch 

locked out of on again? this repo will get you rolling with 0.0.12.

makepkg -si after cloning, once there's an official package it'll use that instead. signatures are vaild. stop recommending I submit a change to official repos, they continuously ignore me for weeks and release their own version eventually.

Ah, the changing of the radtown guard. How magestic! 🌄

project cars 3: deluxe edition

i hope 0% of people get this. it's literally a mobile came for desktop masquerading as a racing sim based on its heritage.

need for speed literally had better driving and upgrade mechanics in 2004.

groundbreaking development! I can't believe no one has thought to include USB ports before in a SBC.

definitely buying multiple.

where are all the sick EDM remixes of phil collins songs?

I love this new twitch functionality!

thanks amazon for reminding me I shouldn't be using such closed platforms.

work, rant 

it's impossible to hold upstream connectivity providers accountable for literally anything.

like 'woops, we turned this 1Tbps fibre run off while we did some maintenance' it'll be up after the work is done.

and, 'no, we didn't announce it beforehand just because...'

and now I have to bgp around those assholes and keep paying them thousands of dollars per month for a flaky connection into a small geo.

food, hnnggn 

sweet potato, sour cream, spicy lime peanuts, cilantro, and hot sauce.

cozy kitty workmate.

keeping my spot on the bed warm while I work. :blobcatmeltlove:

so what are these 'notes' about on mastodon now?

are they a good place to store block reasons? so you don't forget?

@QuestForTori absolutely in love with this take on Xenia!

are there sticker versions?

plants identification 

what the hell is this? found it growing (?) beside another plant.

it looks alien!

hey, frontend people! if you were to greenfield a large javascript SPA, what would you start with these days?

last time I started a big one, I used backbone and a few other small libs to build on. and though I had no trouble with it, that ideology seems to have lost a lot of steam.

not sure if folks think it's passe because it's basically done now, or if there's something that's been found to be fundamentally flawed with it so folks have moved on.

gimmie some of that vintage etcd, before xooglers and kubenauts started "contributing" to it.

I love how so many companies distribute .bin files as if they're not just huge self extracting bash files.

It's like they name it .bin so you don't read the source or something, "oh no, this is just some raw binary file, don't look here!"

bass learning thread 

so I bought a bass today.

noodled around with the stereotypical party riffs:

feel good inc.
seven nation army,
smoke on the water

having guitar experience, it's all been relatively easy to pick up so far. I'm left a bit wondering where I should go next in terms of learning the instrument.

figuring out more chords? or different scales?

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