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A deduplication scheme that can reduce any file to 2 bits.

By removing all the redundant 1s and 0s and only storing each value once per file, our research team has achieved unprecedented file compression ratios.

the only way i've found to deal with it is to flash cool the air a few times (opening all the windows and doors for ~30-60 secs) so it doesnt get cold enough to get the heat back on, but brings the temp down enough to somehow reset it.

had a nice tech community invaded by a full an insufferable kool-aid drinkin, fedora-wearin' redhat employee.

permanently set up in the work/life balance channel doing MLM preaching about joining bluehat, invading everyone else's normal human conversations to interject RH rhetoric. 🤢

count me out

my apartment has a thermal runaway scenario once the temp hits ~23 degrees. I can completely turn the heat off, but somehow it always climbs up to 26-27.

It must have something to do with the neighbours, but its super annoying in the wintertime.


We were not aware that @conservancy is financed by Google. Thanks for pointing this out!

The choice of including the Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) in the paper was inspired by the role of Bradley M. Kuhn in the creation of the Affero GPL (

Since an involvement of Google conflicts with our standards (as stated in our statute, we have removed the SFC from the white paper. Anyhow, they have not provided any feedback to it.

ok fediverse, stop boosting things for like 30 seconds, im trying to read my timeline here.

I started repairing broken electronic toys for kids in our family friend circle, and now almost every kid thinks I'm some sort of wizard.

explaining how their toys work inside and letting them help me fix the broken bits.

if I had full freedom, I think I'd do this full time. I love to see the magic in their eyes and help them gain a love for tinkering. maybe take some on as little apprentices, and have them go off into their own hackerspaces, exceed my ability, and grow the community, and continue to foster local build/repair/development.

can anyone recommend a decent coffee grinder that won't break the bank, and will do consistent grinds for espresso?

If you're a new dev or an old one, pleroma is a welcoming project. Don't be afraid, we like all contributions!


for $3, you can now buy CORPSE REVIVER!! kill the sun! kill god! collect blood!! lots of bullets! a good time!

#CloudFlare is now hitting the wayback machine with the same #CAPTCHA as #Tor users, thus censoring history too.

this is not a test. this is not a warning.

zfs 0.8.3 is here.


where to legit get a notebook that says "people I want to punch in the face" on the cover.

sim racing 

Fuck Epic Games 

Hey I need to write docs for a procedure and this has me wondering how commonly certain words are known so:

Do you know what the words "Distal" and "Proximal" mean without looking it up?

(boosts welcome)

food yum 

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