in case any followers here care, I moved to @somenudist some time ago :)


Anyway, to get a little meta on this...

It's kinda fucked up, eh, that the nudity of exoticized black people (i.e. the Suri) will not be censored, but if you were ever to watch a show about white European nudists or whatever, or even just white people being incidentally naked in some other context, it will be censored.

I'm against this censorship, cuz it's dumb and distracting mostly, but the double standard is worse (i.e. racist).


Anyway, the episode called "Suri" is pretty interesting, insofar as it seems to indicate that there is at least one large, fairly populous society that is really quite accepting of nudity, at least among men. I know that Western anthropologists and tourists are sometimes "given a show" by certain groups that they visit, who would otherwise wear Western-style clothes, but the scale of things in Suri territory makes it hard to believe it was just a production.


I downloaded the entirety of a BBC documentary series from 2005 called "Tribe", which features an ex-Marine Brit dude going to live with nomadic and/or indigenous and/or "exotic" people in a variety of places around the world.

Yes yes, aspects of this are problematic.

Anyway I saw this series on CBC when I was a young 'un and some episodes featured some people who had pretty chill attitudes about nudity, and yep, I've downloaded it for research purposes.

but since that is not the case, I'm saying "social analysis", lol.

anyway, yeah: "class" is not (or should not be) a holy category above all categories, or separate from all categories, as is the case in Marxist and sub-Marxist dogma. instead, it ought to be the nominative for any kind of category in any kind of analysis of any kind of group of people, at any scale, where there are differentiated groups that it makes sense to talk about in general, reductive terms.

basically, any group of people that might be useful to conceive together as a unified category, that is imagined to have some kind of shared interests or engage in some kind of shared behaviour, is useful to conceptualize as a class.

it is also perfectly useful, and probably necessary at some point, to deconstruct these categories too.

btw, rather than "social analysis", I'd prefer to say "class analysis", but then people assume - and whether they think positively or negatively about this is beside the point - that you only a social analysis based on classes in either Marx and Engels' conception, or the related (though non-identical) conception from the Marxist tradition of academic inquiry.

generations are not a concrete category of social analysis, and I'm probably gonna have to say it again, ain't I

More genders means the consumer has more options, what you're telling me you're against the free market?

by my estimation of it so far, which hasn't been much, "naturist Mastodon" is so far just as embarassing as "naturist Tumblr"

someone followed me, and I checked who else was following, and I came upon a video of like 40 naked young thin white dudes (Europeans I'm sure) in a park, like, eating

and it's like, umm, that video is from a porno. and also reblogged you from it a gay porn-focused account, and that's FINE, but it is also contrary! to your! professed! ethos!

If your anarchism doesn't have space for nudism in it... 

honestly there's a pretty good chance it's mostly still alright

I like it when the translation of English "gay" is recognizably cognate, but seemingly different in pronunciation (probably do to constraints in the language), as in the case of "gejs" (Lithuanian) which I am assuming has the [/s/] sound at the end (there is no IPA information)

I also like when the word appears to be not cognate at all, as in German "schwul", Irish "aerach" and "bán", Welsh "hoyw", Danish "bøsse", Hebrew "גֵּאֶה‎", and others

how many of those are just slurs tho...?

completely wild that many of the Wiktionary translations for English word "gay" are cognates of "homosexual", when definitely that word and its cognates, I should think, have a decidedly different, more clinical connotation - and I know for a fact that, like, Polish gay folks and Malay gay folks aren't using those cognates, they're using something shorter (probably cognate to "gay")

Is there a Mastodon client that works on Linux and can be set to run through Tor?

I'd love to use Whalebird but I couldn't find proxy options in the settings.

Would love to just have something that logs in automatically. Currently running the web client through Tor Browser, which is FINE but not ideal.

Tusky, on my phone (which is too small!), can do Tor just fine!

how is it not consensus unbelievable that we give heaps of metal from private companies more access to public space than we give human beings with no inside place to live

I just need so much more text than toots and the short bio boxes allow.

And I'm dealing with it, I guess, but how the fuck any if you were ever on Twitter is simply beyond me is probably the most embarassing website upon which I have ever registered an account

all credit to @anarchawinemom (specifically, for finding it somewhere else on the internet, lol)

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