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look ok i know it's not 'PC' to say this, but we all know the only reason anyone liked bernie sanders is because he's smokin hot, and horny men thought if they pretended to like socialism he might take his shirt off on facebook live

cw: #nsfw, bare breasts 

The second set of 4 pics from Tungle.

A reply to OP:

"I also really love this photo set because, far too often, we only see pictures of African women as anthropological archetypes. They are treated like exhibits to be studied, similar to exotic animals or landscapes, rather than human beings.
I LOVE these pictures, because here we have women of two different cultures laughing and talking and playing around. You can see their personalities shining through and I LOVE IT"

cw: #nsfw, bare breasts 

First 4 pics, out of total of 8, from a post on pre- ban Tungle.

Quoth OP:

"I love everything about this photoset

The lack of condescension in cultural sharing

The nonsexualization

The contextual foreignness of firm breasts in a society that doesn’t use bras"

the gendered nightmare is the #1 obstacle to realizing nudity-optional anarchy

capitalism encourages and allows space for sexually charged and aggressive exhibitionism and/or voyeurism - albeit often a criminalized space - while, at the same time, suppressing non-sexual nudism in public so as to create an enormous scarcity of non-sexualized nudity-optional space

such nudity-optional spaces as exist are typically secluded, expensive to maintain (thus, usually only accessible to people with middle-class jobs), culturally homogenous, and totally boring

what I'm up to this morning? 

recycling posts from my defunct tungle page, that's what!!!

*huge bong rip* 


More male nudity in mainstream media that isn't played for laughs, stat

oh god masto doesn't have a queue feature? hope my followers enjoy a cycle of manic retooting followed by an eternity of mournful silence

just ain't that many updates to be made in the wintertime

I never used Twitter ever and this is weird and I'm not sure I like it, ben c'est la vie? 😂😂😂

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