PSA: water is H2O, it has a pretty fixed pH value. so does your body. if you were to somehow make your blood "more alkaline" you would almost instantly die

"alkaline water" is just water. it has no effects that regular water doesn't have. also it is not even alkaline. even if it was, it would not make your body more alkaline to drink it. that is not how pH works. stay hydrated but don't buy that shit


@applebaps I lived in a shithole that had alkaline water for years. It just tasted bad. That's all.

I mean it was also bad for your heart because it had a shitload of sodium in it too from the mediocre sodium substitution they used as a softening process, but hey.

@_ampersand also i guarantee you it wasn't even that alkaline, it was probably off the norm by like 0.1, 0.2 at best otherwise we wouldn't be talking

@applebaps I mean, 0.1 on log base 10 is still a decent chunk. But yeah nobody out here is drinking like pH 11 water, that shit would be crazy.

@_ampersand yeah lol. the marketed "alkaline water" you see is literally just water, it's exactly water

@applebaps So of course my boss is super into it lol I don't want to explain how buffered blood is

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