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Corporate profits 

wearing an open DOOM zip-up hoodie over a DOOM t-shirt so it looks like it says "DOOOOM" instead

I was accosted by worms. That's very annoying.

— Doren Ostarrigòth, Surgeon

skateboards on to the camera im beto, americas favorite punk rock politician. but you know whats really punk? serving in the imperial military. thats why ill be punishing people who dont enlist with fines

No one in my new town's NextDoor will answer my question about why one of the churches in the town center's bells ring 11 minutes late every hour

anarchy: a billion 1-person governments

direct democracy: 1 government that somehow tries to put a billion people in charge

These two ex-Airbnb product managers want to replace historic sites with e-textiles

@dirt this sounds like a line of dialogue from the Scott Pilgrim movie

Hey Now
Ur a gamer
Gitcher game on
Go Game
Ur a Gamer
Fuckin gamer
Git gamed
All that glitters is gold
only fuckin GAMERS
Win this Ho-oo-ole

Aromantic culture is walking into a shipping fandom discourse and swinging out with "I dunno, they could just be platonically fucking."

lewd n gross 

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