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Corporate profits 

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i have the superior posting genes that will carry on the legacy of Self Agency, BROTHER

Lol remember when Guillermo del Toro made a movie about a romance between a woman and a fish and it was a healthier relationship than 99% of all other romances in film.

Mr. Peanutbutter running through humans the way humans run through dogs.

I have So Many Post Ideas but they're all Spiders

do you ever picture yourself explaining your personal drama on r/relationships and everyone is calling you a dumb bitch

@mcknze bro you just interpreted reality through an objective lense, you are going to loose perspective

@healyn im gonna go out and say it, killing at least 25 people? not a real nice thing to do, clean up your act richard

sci-hub's logo has no business going as hard as it does. this crow gonna help me gain access to arcane knowledge

imagine thinking you’re better than another person

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