While putting my "fresh from the dryer" sheet back on my bed, it had the nerve to ask this question:

Watch out for the Post M'loan shark. After you pay you payment in full, he'll continue to charge high interest rates, under the most dangerous conditions.

It was the Busta Rhymes
It was the worst of times

Ah yes, the two genders:
mail man and mail person

They're not "preferred pronouns" they're "the only ones I go by, and if you purposely call me anything else, I'ma call you a list of unpleasant words and then block you..."

My ex hot wife's name is Summer.

Apparently no one listened when I said she was "very hot, incredibly bright, had too many degrees, and could burn almost anyone".

trans ramblings 

Chest dysphoria? [trans masc joke.] 

"stop the ride I want to get off." Lewd implied 

selfies no ec (boosts +++) 

I enjoy being part of the "and some men" group, when it comes to who folks are attracted to.

flirting/self esteem/body dysphoria 

flirting/self esteem/body dysphoria 

*in extremely Marilyn Manson voice*

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