is "devil's advocate" a video game all the cool kids are playing? If not, I appreciate it- but I can take care of myself.

-something I'd probably write on Twitter or Myspace in highschool, telling people I'm 'the literal Devil'.

two more hours of being lonely as hell at work. x.x

WAH. I just wanna go home. I hurt.
Help make it less lonely?

lewd - the muffin man is a trans guy (prolly me) 

gonna start pronouncing words how they're spelled for now on.

First on the list, cognac.

group no0dz [as per Amara's request] 

work - meds 

Also, pet peeve: when people type 'fav' and mean 'favorite'.

I fave toots instead of boosting them, or "slidin' into the DMs", because I'm a coward.

Frozen chicken nugget at someone's home: *begins to cry, looking out the window at the famous fast food chain*

"I coulda been a McTender..."

:drake_dislike: Job interview
:drake_like: Surviving Capitalism audition.

If you wanna be my Boomer, you gotta get with "Ok".

How did the potato in the oven tell his son that he was too young to smoke weed? 

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