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I wanna live in a lowercasetic society. no more of this capital bullshit.

postponed culture:
Where someone's cancelled, and then they show up again a few weeks/months/years later. Often times, as if nothing happened.

when I pun/dad joke a response to something else you say, it means I like you. (It also means I'm irritating)

Stop. Hey, what's that sound?
Everybody look, it's IT the clown! 🀑

*Lenny Kravitz voice*
🎢 American Psycho, yeah that's a movie
American Psycho, white boy leave me be 🎢

secrets are useless in poly relationships, send toot.

Twink :brain1:
Twink in the sink :brain2:
Twink in the sink with a drink :brain3:
Twink in the sink with a drink, into kink :brain4:
Twink in the sink with a drink into kink, whatd'ya think? :brain5:

Unpopular opinion on numbers 

Wow. When I say "see you later alligator", I don't get a response back. Not even a "fuck you, bye kitty." NOTHING. CAN YOU BELIEVE THEM?! I thought they loved me. ;___; @AmaraEverglade @shabby_forest_girl

*finds out that the star guy is smoking weed* Neil, the grass! Why son?!

trans stuff 

In the end times, we'll all be considered either "fast food" or "take out".

DID/System joke 

yes, my name is a play on "hot girl summer". good job.
so proud.

x gon give it to ya
but then you gon give it back
because that's how borrowing works!

Would you believe I worked in child care (and did a good job) for 9 years? πŸ˜‚

unpopular opinion 

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