spooky boy got his new tattoo / a 10 year old mistake has finally been covered (sounds like a Brand New or Bright Eyes title)

🎶 Myers Briggs test is what I disregard

My friend's like, "HERE'S MINE. WHAT'S YOURS?"

yeah right, don't care about yours.

I would hate you, but you'd sound the charge🎶

gay parody lewd 

Yes, I did make a playlist entitled 'The Hotelier than thou'

The only anime I'm interested in. 

welp, I *was* feelin' pretty dang good about today. Then I just *had* to go and eff it up. Good job, me!

"is Anna May another one of your tea cup people?" -my mother, when I was starting highschool.

Apparently she thought that anime had some kind of relation to Emilie Autumn, 'The Tea Cup Person'.

I will never forget that.

please to not call me 'trans masc'. Just don't do it, I don't fall under that umbrella. There's nothing wrong with those who do- I just don't. Thx.

if SoundCloud rappers posted their lyrics on mastodon 

:drake_dislike: taking one for the team
:drake_like: taking one *from* the team

food mention - I think I'm hilarious 

despite all my rage, I respond when I shouldn't engage.

non-toxic masculinity: the type that won't kill you if ingested orally.

Oh, the places you'll go- on mastodon dot com.

What's the scariest food you can order at almost any restaurant? 

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