drugs, Midsommar spoilers 

Midsommar except when they do mushrooms they all turn into Muppets, and the main girlfriend and boyfriend are Miss Piggy and Kermit

Now imagine that ending

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Haven't been on here in forever. Wish I could remake my handle tho, I miss this instance

If states fall in a Mad Max climate apocalypse fashion, communists and socialists will no longer be able to use state power to enforce their ideas against "reactionary" communities that will inevitably spring up. This would always be met with armed resistance against them and would be, as it is now, ridiculously colonial.

Instead, they'll have to build their own communities and prove to be a necessity by providing social services like food and health care and prove that communism/socialism is something worth participating in. And in that vein, I think that's something leftists should already be focused on instead of clinging to an idea that we have the time for transition states.

Rage Against the Machine reuniting for an overpriced bourgeois festival that's been renounced by leftists because of its deeply homophobic owner is peak spectacle

*wakes up early* nice!! I can do makeup and get breakfast today!!

*does makeup*

*does makeup*

*does makeup*

*is late*

Goddamn it

Lyft drivers who have no music on and don't talk to you have powerful serial killer energy

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telling my boss that I live by Queer Time and so I get to go home early because I'm gay

Why is gender so confusing 😢

Yesterday I wanted to be the hot goth girl and today I want to be a cute boy

Mentioned to this straight boy how even tho I'm trans I'm more non-binary and tomboyish

And he's like

"Well that makes sense, you're already existing outside of the expected gender norms so of course you wouldn't adhere to the opposite norms"

And just
Damn the straights are improving

okay Idk how tf I didnt know but I just found out The Outer Worlds is already out. I was expecting to wait til like 2020. I need it.


Honestly I just want to be the biggest femme gay domme like ever

like I want to be so hot that everyone wants me and I just pick up some girl and then eat her out until she orgasms 5 times and then kick her out so I can get some sleep

all while living my best trans life

You're telling me this fruit came from a dragon?

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just,,, men with veiny hands,,, why,,, why is that attractive,,, stop sexualising dehydration,,,

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How could PG&E be replaced with public power service? Because having lived in LA and Riverside I can tell you first hand that we don't have the same problems that the rest of California seems to be having.

Deleted Grindr, Tinder, and OKCupid

Dating apps are harmful to me living my best life


Trans girl selfie 

Finally caught up on all my work and feeling relieved 😌

The waterproof mascara trick to hold a curl is something I wish I knew about months ago

*talking to my cat*


Mi little gordita~~

Mi little gordita crunch wrap supreme~~~



✔️ Butt got bigger
✔️ Boobs got bigger

It's been a good week for me

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