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I'm writing a research paper on hijra people in south Asia (preferably Bangladesh). Does anyone know of any good resources on this subject?

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Sticky toot looks like a very legitimate and not shady at all instance 🙃🙃
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piss and shit tootline sandwich 

Hey fellas you're on your way to a steakhouse and you bump into this cow wyd

lmfao imagine being straight AND cis. can you imagine? I can't, I'm falling asleep just thinking about it


putting on my sex playlist, which is all the sonic the hedgehog music

Can we take a moment to acknowledge that I've been killing it with the posts lately

Uploading my consciousness into the Church of Latter Day Saints mainframe network, just utterly wreaking havoc against the otherworldy videodrome-esque technological flesh alien which controls the people of Utah

anything with two syllables made in the US I want to sing to the tune of american woman

this seems like a very important infographic to get right which makes it both funny, depressing, and baffling that you could mess it up this badly

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i guess I'll tag this as lewdish, drawing 

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anti-trans bigotry but it's cool 

when you're typing on a traditional keyboard, how do you type?

Instance Block Recommendation 

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Beacon? Mavis?

* takes long drag of cigarette

Now, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time, pal

The Linux Foundation is Deeply Committed to Diversity and Inclusiveness (as Long as You Have Perfect Vision and Use 'Big Browsers' That Spy)

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