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Shitposting the existiantial angst away, like a civilized person.

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Caution: i am reckless and i WILL follow you based on just one or two moderately funny shitposts

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(Just moved domains, reposting for repinning to my profile, sorry in advance if it seems spammy)

Hey person!

I'm a 23 year old university student from denmark. My interests are mainly related to art and aesthetics, especially and audio. I also perform and produce myself, check it out in my bio if you're so inclined :)

I also like silly memes, , non-competitive and !

Politically left leaning if that matters to y'all

Feel free to follow or toot my way anytime! Looking forward to

listening to Who Are Parents? by the Shaggs as an act of solidarity

I heard that the U.S plan to rename some army bases named after confederate generals. If they are looking for names i would like to throw Soleimani out there for consideration. Wondering how MAGA people would feel about that one.



@seafrog @calculsoberic @Louisa I think old women are just all named Margaret and any other name they may go by is actually a nickname.

My grandma was Margaret on her birth certificate but she was always called Kathleen.

och for min nästa 'bit', jag ska stuva en ikea-möbel i min mun och bli danska

i have spent years cultivating my sense of humor but the greatest joke of all is the politics of people on mastodon

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the first generation of pokemon games were basically malware and it ruled so much

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Patiently awaiting the ikea cinematic universe

do you think i can't handle that wagon? do you think i will crumble due to my lithe design?

waiting for the straight people to turn 2020 quarantine into a romance movie

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