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mildly - griping about my brain being broken 

I wish I could just enjoy media without constantly having to spend hours over analyzing it, spending more time overanalyzing it than I do taking in the media

Almost got some work done on one of my many stupid projects before suddenly spiraling back into depression. Wish I had any control over my life whatsoever.

@velexiraptor starting up a bossplay polycule except we're all Robot Masters from Mega Man and there is absolutely no sex allowed at all

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I just realized bicentennial man is absolutely a (possibly unintentional) trans allegory and googling it I'm not the only person who think so

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[joke] I thought about going to a convention for writers, but I saw all the other conventions around the same time and just had to pick a different one instead. I guess you might say I weighed the... 

Prose & Cons

@codl idk that Right Knight™️ has been bothering me for what feels like a while

@codl ugh I didn't see that because I was too focused on the Knights, who have been being attacked for SEVERAL TURNS; so I'm wondering why those knights have never been taken since then... but at least you clarified the rook attack I completely didn't see

@eldaking don't be silly, no one would talk about Assassin's Creed

@VoteChess I don't think I understand Chess anymore. Why are the multiple captures that black has available to it not worth taking? why is white not concerned with those pieces being taken, that we'd be given the option to move the threatened pieces.

I do not understand.

I have just been informed that Odyssey has paintings in it that take you to the other worlds of the game. Surely these paintings must run on the same technology

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@nilaky while that is interesting... the Shines do that in Sunshine, and the Stars in the Galaxy games.... so it's been shown the Stars do just take you back to... the hub you came from. And the worlds of Sunshine and Galaxy are physical places near their hubs.

@Alexis so my next question is... why does Peach have all these magic paintings with worlds inside them?

I've been thinking about Mario 64 canon, and I have a deep question:

Are the paintings just portals to other parts of the Mushroom Kingdom? Is it possible to get to these areas some other way besides the paintings?

Or are the worlds contained within the paintings, magically or otherwise?

Please RT.

@RC if you ever need someone to talk to... I'm not the best at it lately, but I'd like be there for you if I can. <3


According to Wikipedia, バラ (bara) is a type of bacon. But if you google image search, all you get is pictures of roses...

I googled バラ ベーコン (bara bacon) and it comes up, including packaging showing that specific name.......

but you also find pictures of bacon shaped into roses...

lewd, re: ??? 

@codl that's what grimes calls him

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