@Alexis I aspire to one day become a comfortably rectangular baby

@velexiraptor the best Green Day song is this cover of an anime voice actress singing Basket Case as a tiny anime girl: youtube.com/watch?v=tYP0VtWj8Z

@witchfynder_finder oh god is that what I have to do to get people to pay attention my content

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Despite a few people who have attained a measure of celebrity and modest wealth, the vast majority of people making money from youtube or patreon or whatever are doing it as a side hustle to supplement other sources of income. Whatever we might say about the effectiveness of a youtube boycott, it is a form of precarious work that is not theorized in classical marxist texts, and is certainly not equivalent to the old category of the artisan.

Because it is a byproduct of capitalism forcing increasing amounts of risk onto individualised workers and in the process atomising the working class as a body, I'm more inclined to see it in continuity with other forms of "hustle work", like hawking wares on street corners, and gig work like rideshare driving.

As the structure and expression of political economy changes, our analysis has to adapt as well.

@irisjaycomics I don't know anything about JJBA but it's a Skeleton and it dances. Oh, it makes other people dance too.

@irisjaycomics Spooky Scary Skeletons

What, you said Holiday

(A Wonderful Christmas Time)/2 

wooaa-oooh, we're halfway theeere, wooaa-oooh 

@Picklemaddierix and then after knowing him for years, you finally get to the time where he's explaining it for the first time.

@velexiraptor or:

it looks like my hero Rorschach from Watchmen

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@codl I'm still thinking about that time he rhymed "Jam" with "Pokey-man" youtube.com/watch?v=CB_hAAZ60E

@codl I'm still thinking about that time he rhymed "Jam" with "Pokey-man" youtube.com/watch?v=CB_hAAZ60E

@velexiraptor to gain the benefits of rest you must give the GM $5

@velexiraptor but we're a long way off from doing any tabletop role play anyway...

@velexiraptor I'm not smart enough to flesh out stuff like this. We need people like you who are. ❀️

@velexiraptor I read stuff like this from you and I am disappointed that you aren't interested in being in my dumb video series. Because stuff like this would be amazing

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