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Color TV got invented because it started to get too hard to tell moe blobs apart

hot take: Street Fighter invented the idea of Mixed Martial Arts

gf studying: Coureur des bois is a fur trapper
me: to remember it, say.... "to contain your furry chest, you need to wear a De-bra"

me: I need a fork to eat this
gf: i'll get it
me: check the dishwasher first
gf: [opens oven]

Me and some friends are gonna play some Jackbox games, come join us: (text chat only, no voice)

I've been wildly researching Street Fighter canon and I need someone to tell about it who would actually care

Weird comment from my gf while she brushed my very long, floofy hair: "I love horses..."


I've decided to re-lauch my Patreon! I hope to do something with it in the future in terms of Tiers and Goals, but for now: please give me money so I can pay rent?? <3

Does anyone know of a good note taking program that would let me do this:

I'm wanting to document things about characters from a variety of sources; I'd like one tab/page/file (whatever) for each character, and then be able to easily type something up about that character, and leave a mark/note of what the source of that information is. If source information could easily be shared or compiled into one document (ie, having a separate tab for each source that lists all notes from that source), that'd be incredible, but I know that's unlikely.

Today is Friday the 13th and Kaixa Day? Truly the hellish day of all


Me: Today isn't actually the anniversary of the Dreamcast
Someone else: 9/9/99, happy aniversary to Final Fantasy VIII
Me: How dare you talk about the Dreamcast this way

Happy 20 years, 9 months, and 13 days anniversary to the Dreamcast.


Best idea: Les Bien, pronounced like Tres Bien

just spent a solid 4 seconds flicking at a light switch to turn off a light that was never on to begin with

Man, remember when I planned to write up a post for like a month ago.

Good times.

Also I know I should be working on the next video, also.

Executive dysfunction got me like a b

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