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Tired: combining the astrological symbols for Mars and Venus to make the Transgender symbol
Wired: using other planets' astrological symbols to describe your gender

Minor Sword/Shield spoiler? 

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What if we put Donkey Kong's head on top of Donkey Kong's body! 

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masto mild drama screenshot 

skin meds 

food, my mind not working 

please RT my meme so I will get popular

also watch my Let's Play about board games

I don't even know if anyone who follows me will get this joke

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@cosine here's my impression of a baby boomer: "i know the difference between warren buffet and jimmy buffet"


a new version of the Psycho Soldier vocal theme????? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

"Terry Bogard goes live today!" I sleep

"50 new music tracks" I wake!!!!!!!!!

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go watch our table top adventures at @regrettabletop or look it up on youtube im too tired to link it

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leaked footage of future regrettabletop episode

We just wrapped up recording another episode of @regrettabletop. I feel like the start was a little rocky but by the end it was real exciting and tense. Hopefully I can get it out sooner than later!

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We do what we do not because it is right, and not because it is easy, but because we thought it would be funny

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good morning gamers, how long has it been since you last reapplied your themal paste

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Hey everyone! A new episode of @regrettabletop is out! Me, @maximumtomfoolery, @codl and special guest Nidoking play Dominion, the original deck-building game. It's a neat little game of strategy. Check it out!

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