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Alright well, I officially have a switch, so add me:


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Long, please RT, board games! 

Hey everyone!

I'm (re-re-)re-launching my group to play board games and other tabletop games on Tabletop Simulator. If you own Tabletop Simulator and want to join in with playing games with a group of chill people, even if you have little or no game experience, get at me! We play a very wide variety of games, but currently skew a bit towards the lighter weight (easier/less complex). If this interests you at all, please send me a message! 💜

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Tired: combining the astrological symbols for Mars and Venus to make the Transgender symbol
Wired: using other planets' astrological symbols to describe your gender

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mildly - griping about my brain being broken 

I wish I could just enjoy media without constantly having to spend hours over analyzing it, spending more time overanalyzing it than I do taking in the media

Almost got some work done on one of my many stupid projects before suddenly spiraling back into depression. Wish I had any control over my life whatsoever.

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I just realized bicentennial man is absolutely a (possibly unintentional) trans allegory and googling it I'm not the only person who think so

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[joke] I thought about going to a convention for writers, but I saw all the other conventions around the same time and just had to pick a different one instead. I guess you might say I weighed the... 

Prose & Cons

I have just been informed that Odyssey has paintings in it that take you to the other worlds of the game. Surely these paintings must run on the same technology

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I've been thinking about Mario 64 canon, and I have a deep question:

Are the paintings just portals to other parts of the Mushroom Kingdom? Is it possible to get to these areas some other way besides the paintings?

Or are the worlds contained within the paintings, magically or otherwise?

Please RT.


According to Wikipedia, バラ (bara) is a type of bacon. But if you google image search, all you get is pictures of roses...

I googled バラ ベーコン (bara bacon) and it comes up, including packaging showing that specific name.......

but you also find pictures of bacon shaped into roses...

bad game company, weird shitpost 

Tired: Ubisoft
Wired: Universal Basic Income. soft

Whomp's Fortress is the best Mario 64 stage though

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I started trying to make a tier list of Mario 64 levels but towards the end it didn't feel controversial enough and I felt like most people would agree with me or have only minor changes so I dropped it

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I am @The_T. I might move over here, some time. :blobeyes:

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This was the meme that a snouts mod decided to send me.


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Me, when something is 8 syllables long: [says that thing to the theme of TMNT theme]

Me, when someting is 3 syllables long: [says that thing to the theme of Spider-Man theme]

pol, overly radical 

hot take: the doctors keeping Trump alive are breaking the Hippocratic oath

Super Mario 35 is a bad game and I can't stop playing it

toilet joke 

me, walking into the bathroom: time to do another live stream

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@body Mastodon feature request: when you unfollow someone, allow you to mark a toot of theirs as the reason you unfollowed, so they know which bad take they double downed on that made you unfollow

allcaps to represent shouting, joke about comics 

Just pictured The Hulk watching Toy Story, shouting along.


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