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Alright well, I officially have a switch, so add me:


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Long, please RT, board games! 

Hey everyone!

I'm (re-re-)re-launching my group to play board games and other tabletop games on Tabletop Simulator. If you own Tabletop Simulator and want to join in with playing games with a group of chill people, even if you have little or no game experience, get at me! We play a very wide variety of games, but currently skew a bit towards the lighter weight (easier/less complex). If this interests you at all, please send me a message! 💜

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Tired: combining the astrological symbols for Mars and Venus to make the Transgender symbol
Wired: using other planets' astrological symbols to describe your gender

WW2 historical related 

There is one with Hitler ON THE COVER and the plot is you leading Germany to victory

ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh

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WW2 historical related 

hey you know what I fucking hate? There are AT LEAST 2 Japanese SNES strategy games where you play (solely) as the Axis forces?

What the fuck Japan?

Holy shit this is so funny to me. A Shogi game called Katou Hifumi Kyu-dan Shogi Club, with the license of Katou Hifumi, a famous Shogi player, is listed on most rom sites as Katou Ichi-Ni-San, because Hifumi's given name's kanji is 一二三. Literally One-Two-Three, Ichi-Ni-San. But it's pronounced Hifumi.

Were his parents assholes or is there something else here.

So I work from home and my job uses my main PC so I can't use it normally; so to procrastinate at work I have an old laptop I use that barely works, and Chrome has been running like ass on it. I just switched to Opera and I know there was some shit with Microsoft with it but; it's working so well? So much more light weight?

also? Richi Mahong is a fucking nightmare game.

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lmfao looking at more SNES games and I have a game that is listed as both "Kabuki Machi Reach Mahjong" and "Kabuki-chou Reach Mahjong" so I need to look up the Japanese to determine which is more correct and:

Thanks to having played Mahjong in Clubhouse Games, I realize they're both wrong in a sense:

the game is Richi Mahjong, the variant in Clubhouse Games... I guess "Reach Mahjong" might be an old way to transliterate it but also it's probably just, wrong.

(Also the first would is probably more accurately "Kabukichou")

I want to see a Mario fanfic that's just about someone who works at one of the shops in Coconut Mall.

"Yeah, I work at Coco Outfitters. I have to fold the clothes after the Goombas mess them up. The Goombas don't even have arms, they don't need a fucking t-shirt."

Me, after every single game of Riichi Mahjong: fucking WHAT is even HAPPENING in this game

Me, after winning a game of Riichi Mahjong: fucking WHAT is even HAPPENING in this game

me: says something cute and jokey about wanting friends

fediverse: likes the toot, but doesn't follow or talk to me

ok, I have a new idea on how to make friends:

hey fediverse

if you be my friend i'll call you cute

so come be my friend and talk to me

Tired: October 8th
Wired: August 69th

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My anxiety has been super bad lately. All I've wanted to do (besides work, and also, at work) is play games on my Switch; but all I can manage to play is Tetris 99 or Clubhouse Games. Anything else that takes too much focus, is too stressful right now. Which makes me worried about streaming.

I need to play games with friends again. But also, I need friends again.


cursed google search that didn't bring up anything nearly as good as I'd hope it would: mugen ggpo

Me, continuing to do research on every SNES game: "Gokinjo Boukentai", "A Super Famicom RPG about a kindergartner who is tasked by God to rid her neighborhood of evil youkai."

lewd, stupid 

The only "biological sex" I want to hear about is when you stick your dick in a test tube

birdsite link because it's probably the funniest thing I've posted in recent memory 

It is fascinating to realize that many, many Pachinko machines are only preserved because of video game adaptations of them.

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