Recently we've been feeling like we're getting less out of social media than we're putting in. We're spending hours every day just trying to keep up with all the things on Twitter and Mastodon alone, and we don't want to for a while, so we're taking a break. If you need to get in touch with us still feel free to text, we'll try to check our notifications periodically. Bye for now, y'all!~

you: banning cars is sexist because less women bike
me, clutching a newly released study(1) to my chest, shrieking: people perceived as women are 3.8 times more likely to be recipients of unsafe behavior from car drivers. car drivers are astonishingly sexist. :bancars:


The smiley face from Super ZZT? Was trans

you, crying: nova you can’t just call everything trans

me: *points at Borland Turbo C 2.01 for DOS* Trans

mental health ~ 

That's me with a paintbrush
That's me punching dry-wall
Losing my deposit

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"your path is right" affirmation 

Neurodivergent pride 

pugs, the vinegar tasters 

@socalledunitedstates On a not-that-related note, someone was just telling me that in so-called Saskatchewan, one can get the deed to a house after squatting for only 36 months (as opposed to ~7 years in the US) due to the high number of ghost towns there. I keep kicking around the idea that setting up a commune in a ghost town would be rad.


What was that movie that had the one planet that was so hot if a single ray of light hit you you would immediately burn up? Had Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in it? Oh that's real life? I didn't know he was in real life.

can you imagine being coerced into a career? I'm so glad that that doesn't happen in America

anyway, learn to code or you'll probably starve to death

me, signing up for "Oh boy I sure can't wait to see all the furry porn!"

1,000 depressed trans lesbians, chanting in unison: "Communism! Communism! Communism! Communism!"

Creepy Vendor: If you insist, then take this monkey's paw, but beware for it carries a terrible curse.

Man: Please, I'm not as stupid as I look.

*Two hours later*

Man: *dead eyed* *throws monkeys paw back at the vendor*

Vendor: You wished to see Taylor Swift as a cat girl, didn't you?

Man: No! Give me some credit!

Man: ...

Man: It was Idris Elba.

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