idk who needs to hear it but plurality is a spectrum and your version is valid

adhd culture is thinking of a good post, then forgetting to actually post it, then wondering why no one is faving your post, then realizing you never posted it, then realizing you forgot what you were even going to post in the first place

telling tall tales around the campfire about the time i wrote a haskell program that actually compiled

Broke: gender binary
Woke: gender hexadecimal
Bespoke: floating point gender

Coworker: last time it snowed, i was still in high school

Me: no remember, it snowed in 2017

Coworker: yeah, when I was in high school


Sometimes I feel like a female Mister Rogers that swears a lot

@TheRealKylee @nova

"H-L is easily our favorite section of alphabet. It's light, it's fun, it still feels like "real alphabet" in a way that A-F doesn't, and it isn't as heavy as Q-R or M-P"

!!!! oh my stars this is so true! and Q-R _is_ heavy.

(my favorite letter is "elemeno" - - the one that comes between k and p)

ADHD like "oh neat my cup of water got refilled at some point"

Plurality like "wait was that the ADHD or did someone else do that"

going “off the grid” gonna digital detox. just purge all that stuff out of my system you know? should be back in like 15 minutes

i hate phones and apps and touchscreens and all technology except the bits that let me talk to my friends

im still mad about tech 

I'm lowkey questioning for over a year now if I'm plural. Can anyone on the fediverse help me out? Boosts welcome.

When you collect all the genders you're granted a wish by gendera, the guardian of the genders

developer: plurality isn't real, your brain can only sustain one consciousness

me: multitasking operating systems aren't real, your 64 core processor can only execute one process

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