remember those fantasy rpg choose your own adventure books for kids who didn’t have enough friends to play d&d? i loved those

plurality shitpost 

setting firm boundaries with the spiders in my life

That little 'click' of relief when you positively identify who's fronting boost if u agree

hot take: being manipulated feels like garbage and i dont like it!!!

if someone tells me it’s august or it’s the year 2025 i legit have to check before disbelieving

The first map is the propaganda printed in every American history textbook. It pushes a lie that the U.S. acquired all its land fairly from European nations. No mention of Native Americans. The second map shows how it was really acquired and all the nations they cheated to do it.

Do not become addicted to electoralism.

Y'all ain't ready to see me in a tank top this summer, i'm dangerous

Here's some pics of me in tanks from 2018

CW selfie EC

God, why do all of our glasses have such low capacity if you stuff them completely full of ice?

@checkervest there's literally nothing homeowners hate about homeless people that wouldn't be solved by giving them a home.

They leave trash around! Yeah they lack garbage pickup. Give them a home

They are always ranting and raving. Me too, but I have four walls so nobody sees. Give them a house

They're dirty. They don't have a room dedicated to getting clean. Give them a home

egg levels are 28% and rising

(28%) ■■□□□□□□□□

Okay, night crew's a good time for an #introduction.

Hi all, my name's Dawn, sometimes it's Kris, both are perfectly fine. I promise. I use he and they pronouns, and I'm bigender though I'm generally masc presenting.

I'm a Christ-minded anti-capitalist and anarchist who believes the revolution is compassionate, currently underway, and, much like the work we do inside of ourselves, never quite finished.

I'm also a nerd with jock tendencies, an artist, and a writer.

End intro, I guess :)

Trauma trauma trauma trauma trauma traumeleon

I love that my cassette player doesn't require software updates wow hardware which doesn't have software is so good

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