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I am the cormac mccarthy of online, everything I say is intentionally oblique, I seem deathly obsessed with the cruelty and violence of man and I believe the horse to be a symbol of pure evil

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i havent played smash ultimate but i do think it rules that snake snaps the neck of characters who are in fact small children, he's just having shadow moses flashbacks while fighting literal children

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"you don't get it, the children represent anno's self hatred, as he writes them he hates them as he hates himself and he wishes they didn't exist. He makes end of evangelion because he doesn't believe they or he deserve a happy ending, he rejects the notion of resolution."
"sir, i was just asking how much a ticket to the grinch in 3d would cost"

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*has to work a job that destroys my body that is already crumbling due to a life of inadequate health care due to my social status* hmm seems like capitalism is bad fellas
*gets paid a very small amount of money for physically tasking work to buy the incredibly dumb game with the anime boy dlc* mm bideo game..

I wonder what Bob Seger thinks of all this

pride/whatever/dumb fucking bullshit 

who wants to fight im having an almost constant nervous breakdown and feel pain across the majority of my body

my knzk archive is taking forever to compile i hope it actually does that i need all of it collected

guess i hate followed thomas wictor on here at one point which does seem like some shit i'd do after drinking 3 tall boys.

nearly my entire body is sunburned and i am increasingly more existentially terrified of finding a new place to live happy pride

mama says no instance drama for me, gotta perfect my chicken cacciatore!

mister eugen, i gave you all the clues, you could've saved the instances

getting multiple holes in your air mattress is like being in one of those fishing movies about a boat thats capsizing, like you know its gonna end bad but you're hoping for the best

that league was cool because i got to go see the giants like 5 times a year in the late 2000's when they started doing good again, very formative for me, i hate the mascot and have wanted to fight it since i was a child.

i got to go to this dinner with some former giants players and like non-profit organizations involved with the mbecause my mom won this thing in my little league thing and then kids were getting to go take a picture with willie mccovey, i heard them say names for the kids who were supposed to go up and i was like "well i think anyone that wants to go u pthere should be allowed to" so i did and so there's a photo out there with an unnamed child who stood next to willie mccovey. i hope that bewildered him for the rest of his life.

remembering when i tricked a little league association into letting me take a picture with willie mccovey for no reason when i was like 10 years old

i did some version of this post months ago but i cant find it

the frankfurt school is the highschool gym where i invite all my friends to watch joey chestnut eat 50 hot dogs in a row while i talk about dialectics

throwing dizzy gillespie's trumpet on the ground and stomping on it, and watching his cheeks deflate

2018 really was a stand-out year for pitbull: he did multiple songs for gotti as well as covered toto's africa for aquaman, all verifiable hits.

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