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I am the cormac mccarthy of online, everything I say is intentionally oblique, I seem deathly obsessed with the cruelty and violence of man and I believe the horse to be a symbol of pure evil

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i havent played smash ultimate but i do think it rules that snake snaps the neck of characters who are in fact small children, he's just having shadow moses flashbacks while fighting literal children

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"you don't get it, the children represent anno's self hatred, as he writes them he hates them as he hates himself and he wishes they didn't exist. He makes end of evangelion because he doesn't believe they or he deserve a happy ending, he rejects the notion of resolution."
"sir, i was just asking how much a ticket to the grinch in 3d would cost"

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*has to work a job that destroys my body that is already crumbling due to a life of inadequate health care due to my social status* hmm seems like capitalism is bad fellas
*gets paid a very small amount of money for physically tasking work to buy the incredibly dumb game with the anime boy dlc* mm bideo game..

why would you memorize more pi digits than 3.14 when your brain has finite capacity to retain more valuable information, such as the entirety of self agency's wikipedia page

In the world of posters I'm one of those comedians in the mid 2000's with a censored sticker over my mouth on my album cover to denote how Raw my material is

How does my twisted mind come up with this dark cavalcade of posts? I drink an entire bottle of dimetapp dm , faint and then go to the hospital

Since apparently we're on Gundam now, allow me to share my favorite mobile suit: The MS-06MS, aka the Monkey Zaku. Why does it have arms instead of legs, you may be asking? Because it was designed to be piloted by Newtype chimpanzees who could simultaneously use 4 Gelgoog beam rifles, of course!

apparently the protagonist of Days Gone is named "Deacon St. John" and while i'm sure technically someone could have that name in real life, it's an untenable reality for me

i know capitalism sucks ass and it's all shitty but i'd like to be able to move into an apartment at some point, that would be cool to do so im in credit hell

for real though i decided to take out a credit card last night because i've had a job consistently long enough to where i could start accruing credit for once in my life because i've been poor forever and never have been able to so at some point i will make a very stupid purchase with it.

*uses my new credit card to buy a bong* Ah yes It's me, The Accruer Of Credit

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if you attempt to be "chummy" with me unprovoked i will be forced to put you down like a rabid dog, this is my promise to you.

fun fact about me: i will never experience natural death

mister eugen, i gave you all the clues, you could've saved the instances

gonna boost some posts cause i got nothing to post right now

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