@SunSaint is the right capable of making anti-lgbt cartoons that don't make us look dope af

@rigatonimonster @SunSaint I've heard theorists claim it's possible, but I remain skeptical.

@SunSaint my boss literally started calling me alligator recently. the resemblance is uncanny

@SunSaint dang idk how you got Ben Garrison to draw your fursona, that's quite the get

@SunSaint god i want to see the rest of whatever the hell is going on in this

@SunSaint Didn't realise that this was meant to be disparaging until I saw who made it in the caption. This looks cute and rad as heck.

@SunSaint automatically know it is a Ben Garrison by the 50,000 labeled items...

@SunSaint dangit Saint you're tracking gender fluids all over the house again.

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