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You think they would get new bits after 100+ years of existence but nooooooooo

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The media is telling me that this is a "conspiracy theory. " Little do they know I have already read all of their tricks in Noam chomskys seminal book manufacturing consent

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Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but oppa gandam style

going to flea markets and describing myself as an "aspirational sword owner"

joker is the proletariat while batman is a tool of the bologneiorsie

Thought I found one of my mutals secret reddit accounts for a quick second and got so excited

Every day I aspire to become the 2020s Patricia Morrison but nonbinary

You say Abbey road, I say the paper man
You say let it be, I say you'll never smoked crack
You say at peppers lonely hearts club band, I say cops can't read III
99% of kids today are turning to THE BEATLES. BOOST IF YOU'RE IN THE 1% OF VIPER LOVERS

Lets analyze the facts. Not only had "them wild-eyed boys" had "been away" (Lizzy), but also they asked multiple questions that would lead you to believe that they were either back in town or that they were about to be back in town. Some of these questions include "how you was" and "if you were around" (Lizzy). From this information, assuming Mr. Lizzy is being honest, we could reasonably assume that the boys are, in fact, back in town.

If that is not enough, here is even more evidence to support this point. Only a few seconds later, he asserts that "the boys are back in town" (Lizzy), and he asserts it multiple times. And after this, he then tells multiple stories involving the boys, just to make sure you know which boys he is talking about.


Lizzy, Thin. "The Boys Are Back in Town." Jailbreak, Vertigo, 1976

More dudes should paint their nails it looks good on them

In retrospect naming a fashion related website as fashmates may not have been the best idea


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Laffing at the people on twatter who think community is an offensive tv show

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