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in 2021 we're drinking malts, we're smoking cigarettes in the house, we're getting in trouble for using pomade at the community pool. biden presidency is gonna be niceeeeee

on janurary 20th I will become rockabilly to honor the new biden administration

does the kid from twin peaks the revival count as dale coopers bio son. Tulpas have all the DNA of the original person right?

the dialectical relationship between kanye west and taylor swift

Most phones regardless of brands are designed very boringly. You think given how common they are the designers would try and make it more interesting but noooooooo

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i like tomatoes but cooking with them is annoying because they can easily overwhelm all other flavors. you put too much tomato in and then suddenly its the only flavor in the dish. SAD!

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@SunSaint people who hate ska simply do not know what fun is

there should be more sick bass riffs, just in general

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Scandinavia should be considered apart of eastern europe and not west europe

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what's an opinion you have on something that is completely inane

RIP Sheldon Aldeson. we're losing too many good people in 2021😭

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