Haha, look at this dumb Bernie bro that's mad that people are dying from lack of healthcare! White male rage at its finest

Hot take: "Industrial music" is a video game

I just cleaned this toilet and now I am about to destroy it

Every account on this site is like
Post 1: *serious political discussion about the effects of NATO policies on the tech industry in Mexico and abroad*
Post 2: *nothing joke where the punchline is the word "shit"*

atheism hot take 

atheism hot take 


Creating a new type of Buddhism called irony Buddhism. I'm not sure what it is yet but I will update you once I figure it out

It is rational to be mad about the video games no longer having titty physics (1/99)

pellets guy 

*Seinfeld voice* what's the deal with womxn????????

Do you think all the people that constantly complain about Bernie Bros would die from shock once they met an actual communist/anarchist organizer

Moneybegging for help with Phone Bill & Lyft Payments to and from Therapy :boost_ok:​ 

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