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Washington Post

OPINION: Socialism Destroyed My Country. Don't Let It Destroy Yours

by Eva Alejandra Himmler

they just said the absolute worst things about this utterly nice, normal man who just wanted to help people. do not trust British people

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Britain is a demented country full of evil people

met with a tattoo artist today and the guy told me that he voted for george hw bush because he said he would do campaign fiance reform

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a lot of world conflicts can be easily understood via a girls vs guys analysis

the 90s were a very insufferable time in all respects. the US should've never destroyed the soviet union

JFK was killed for being bisexual, and against the CIA

either everyone should be on the supreme court or no one should be

im not that knowledgeable about internal chinese politics but i have a feeling its a fucking weird CIA plot

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what was up with celebrities being obsessed with tibet in the 90s

and the winner of this major league baseball season is..... THE mariners! go mariners

my sincere apologies to the karen people of Kayin state. it must be very annoying to hear your name be used in jokes constantly

osama bin laden
my name is osama bin laden
and theres a million things i havent done
just you wait, just you wait...

dark humor isnt being racist. dark humor is realizing that osama bin laden and Alexander humiliation have the same amount of syllables and photo shopping the twin towers behind the logo

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Show tonight! 

Hello everyone! My screen sickness has subsided to the point where I feel like I can do a show again!! I have quite a few tracks from my time away from the camera that I'm excited to show off. Hopefully I'll have the energy to do some on stream creation afterwards.
Swing by at 8pm EST for some Digitakt/Digitone/Se-02 grooves. I'm so excited, I've missed it a lot!

imagining a fifteen year old clone high fan really getting into the JFK character, deciding to do some real world research, and immediately becomes blackpilled

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