By an arbitrary decision made who the hell knows when, we have now started a New Year. But as the Daibutsu explained to me, time is ephemeral and our lives are just a dream, until we awaken to enlightenment. Practice my dharma.

To which I said, why can't I have better dreams?

Secret know one knows 

Have a great Festivus all, or not. I never was a Seinfeld fan, but at least one halfway decent thing came out of that show about nothing.

Horror story - TRigger warning dom. viol. 

The Daibutsu gets serious - be warned 

Controversial take 

I need a bot for the Daibutsu. He's built up quite a backlog of sage advice.
Mostly about things you should be doing to become a Bodhisattva.

sex or gender? testes or ovaries? assholes or arseholes? these are the questions that try my soul.

that and why you everyone can't be a billionaIre? I mean, just print more money or give everyone moar 1's and 0's? It's not that COMPLICATED!

From the book:

The tall, bronze Buddha, wreathed in lights of every color, bent down, holding a lotus blossom. I lifted my arm to him, but the sun was hot, and sweat, like melted butter, drained from my pores.

My hand could not quite reach the proffered flower, though I continued to extend my fingers toward it. Blood roared in my head, and my world wobbled like a child's top that spins just as it is about to succumb to gravity.

The halo of colors was blinding, and the thick miasmal air made it difficult to breathe. Only the Daibutsu’s image remained constant, his visage full of compassion, but I found no comfort in it.

Jim Jarmusch still hold up. Not sure what he's holding but nonetheless ...


fuck, FUCK, FUCK
--- FucK, FUck fucK FUCk
a fucK fuck
THE fuck de la fuck
F-U-C-K -f-uc-k__

PPL keep saying I have to watch the Bandalorian or whatever the fuck Disney calls it.

No. Not Gonna. Can't make me.

Unless you have some really great edibles ....

Daily Reminder

I wrote a novel
It's been picked up by a small press
two of the main characters are named Jorge Luis Borges
It's the greatest thing ever.
Would I lie about something like that?

Oh and it doesn't come out until next August, just in time for everyone wanting a break from the horrible 2020 US election campaign.

Timing is everything in life. That and luck.

Serious question: why are rich wealthy women so concerned about granting right to Trans people? JK Rowling recently outed herself as a TERF. I have known many many Trans men and women in my time, and I fail to see why granting them the same legal protections that other people have is a threat to anyone.

I heard this rumor about a galaxy far far away that's coming to a theater near me soon. I sure hope no black holes show up with it.

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