Best Throwable Milkshake: Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry?

money but also I am streaming rn 

I googled "Dad Fighter" and the internet did not disappoint me

Me: I want content

The Daibutsu: That is why you fail to achieve satori

We must never submit to the tyranny of the paperclip! Out, out, damn twisted metal wire thing!

I have to drive an hour to let my daughter's dog out today to defecate outside rather than in her apartment. This insures I get a card for Father's Day each year.

The world: You must choose something.

Me: I choose nothing.

The Daibutsu: The world is nothing and nothing is the world.

Me: Thanks for nothing.

The Daibutsu asks how often do you hear religious people say God is Great, or Fear the Lord, compared to God is Good or God is Love? (Don't worry about answering, it's a rhetorical question)


Never go against a tarnished bronze statue of the Amida Buddha when enlightenment is on the line.

asking for money 

Monday, Monday, so-so for me
Monday morning wasn't all I hoped it would beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Well I can't transfer my following list. Keep getting an error message.

I shall remain calm.

For a while.


What should be my new motto?

I have been a stranger in a strange land.


I'm so lonesome I could cry.

Hello @pbandkate

What's going on with knzk? Is it shitting down in the near future?

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