Have I been gushing on about The Outer Worlds on here yet

Bc TOW is fucking good

The Outer Worlds is like Mass Effect and Borderlands and Fallout 4 all had a bastard child together and that child grew up to be decent and not repeat the same mistakes as their parents.

This is to say, it's derivative in its gameplay sure, I wont argue against that.

But the gameplay is polished to a shine and the plot beats take on stories that that it's predecessors either wouldn't touch or fumbled in absolutely baffling ways

The Outer Worlds plot points 

The Outer Worlds plot points 

The Outer Worlds plot points cw: health care, MI, addiction and their depictions in games 

The Outer Worlds plot points 


The Outer Worlds has a tonal atmosphere that emphasizes how broken the Halcyon colony is, yet still leaves room for joy and prosperity.

It walks this line successfully in a way that makes it doesn't seem like a silly game trying too hard to be serious (like fucking borderlands 2) and isnt a serious game with rare relieving moments of silliness (fallout 4)
TOW is a post-apocalypse full of life and vibrancy with folks actively working for liberation and independence from regressive systems

It is derivative, certainly.
The politics are also heavy handed.

But I think we'd do far better to have more games that retread and polish familiar gameplay mechanics and overt political messaging in the way The Outer Worlds does, with hope and critical scrutiny, rather than the way the Battlefield and the Modern Warfare games do each development cycle, which keep striving for "apolitical" atmospheres that end up inadvertently bolstering US imperialism or deminishing Naziism

Also you can build a cleaning robot that shoots acid at your enemies, and give it a perk where people let you get away with murder as long as you have your fun robotic sidekick with you

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