Fossils changed for me when I realized a lot of the really good ones that exist are the result of the animals getting rapidly suffocated in thick, anaerobic mud


Tragedy at the trilobite party 480 mya, right as the conga line got started

@SouthernGothHick Seriously, what do they reckon this behaviour portends? Was it a mating or feeding thing? This is quite a lineup.

@Shufei probably an emergent pathway. Like ants that leave a chemical trail to a bunch of food, one trilobite cut a pathway through the myd and a bunch more followed that easier path afterwards

@SouthernGothHick Cute lil squiggly trail, yay. Maybe this shows they left pheromones like ants. Cute lil triblolbitea. I love them and miss them so much. Earth misses them.

@SouthernGothHick Wow, that is such a well detailed specimen. What big tendrils. And googly lobes. I dug up trilobites before but they were the cute lil round shilling size babies. Awww, why can’t we have trilobite friends anymore,,, I loathe total extinction.

@Shufei I'm pretty sure this is a colorized sculpture, but it's still very beautiful

We don't have trilobites anymore, but we do have arthropod carcinisation which I think is almost as neat as trilobites!

@SouthernGothHick I like rolypolies and they are still here in heaps of numbers.

@SouthernGothHick this is poetry. If you sequenced them in a gif they would move again

@SouthernGothHick These imprints have a different color from the surrounding material. Have they been painted or is this how fossils work?

@mplammers it's either dye or it's been photographers with a special spectroscopic analysis to point out the places where the fossils are

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