Mastodon is a failed platform bc you can't find the total assholes who played characters on star trek on here

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@SouthernGothHick I remember the discourse about how saying "shut up Wesley" while he was grief-reporting people like it was Twitter was a "win for harassment" and then he joined Jester Actual's Racist Home for Wayward Resistance Dorks, LOL.

@Zero_Democracy weird how the celebrity dude who was notorious for bad faith shit on one website existed everyone to forget that when he was on here

@SouthernGothHick Weird that an environment full of queer leftists was hostile to a man who fucked a lot of queer leftist livelihoods up with his block list that he sold to his large audeince of hashtag-resisters.

@SouthernGothHick i’d pleasantly forgotten about that until now, thank’s

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