Comparison of two years growth of juvenile san Pedro's I've had since 2016

First shot is after I noticed rot on the plant, and cut out rot with a sterile razor and dusted with rooting hormone to help it scar over.

This is the same plant two years later, grown much larger and doing much better

@SouthernGothHick cactus!! growing them from seed??? i got a seed growin but im not seeing any plant yet and its been ages !! :(

@J not all seeds produce! You might have gotten a dud seed, especially since cactuses are tiny and hard to keep track of and test for viability.

Are you growing them in a mix that gives them enough moisture? Is the pot too deep, and is it possible the seeds got turned over and got too deep into the mix? (These are all things that happened to me when growing these from seed)

@J if you don't have a cactus mix, use a mixture of sand and peat moss will do well for it.

Keep the seeds in a shallow container which you can cover in cellophane/clear wrap to retain water until the seeds germinate

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