Lewd illustration, weed 

I found this one irl on a dumpster at the mill-turned-artist studios where I work in a kitchen

Thought it was a "support the troops" sticker from a distance

Portrait, artistic nudity, tumblr 

This was one of the first memes my brother sent me when he started dating his current, "serious enough relationship to move all the way to Minnesota," girlfriend

I actually sent this to my brother before he finished part 5, hope it doesn't spoil Jojo for him

Like @byttyrs mentioned earlier, we don't understand the amount of labor that goes into textile production

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@amsomniac it's the part with the smug boy enjoying his dogs in defiance of the law probably

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@SouthernGothHick Homestar Runner has aged so well, it's like classic episodes of the Simpsons

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