Here's a list of women led synth bands so you don't have to listen to Grimes anymore:

•Tokimonsta: (Jennifer Lee) is a California based producer whose already got 3 albums under her belt, I like her

•The Knife: heartbeats is always a classic, plus Karin Dreijer also did Fever Ray as her own solo project. It's spooky and noisey, and I think that's cool

•Bjork: Bjork is always good, she writes songs about the Earth and stuff. I think that's cool and I like her

Please, tell me about synth playing ladies that are fun and you like

Y'all are great and I'm glad you're contributing!

I thought some more and remembered a few:

• Little Dragon, who I've seen at Bonnaroo twice

• ChVrches

• The XX, I guess?

• La Roux, bulletproof still slaps

This Tokimonsta song just came up in my Discover playlist and it slaps, it reminded me of this thread that's probably worth dragging back up

@drembot I figured, Visions and Art Angels will always be top ten albums, but she's dating a billionaire still and her new single is "awful to listen to"

@SouthernGothHick i kinda like the new song personally, but maybe that's just because it reminds me of zeitgeist-era smashing pumpkins, except better. i wouldn't argue hard in its defence though. i figure it's hard to tell until you have some hindsight whether an artist has actually lost sight of themselves, or is just in an extremely weird and unpleasant phase. like bowie and his whole cocaine/witches/kabbalah/nazi memorabilia thing.

@erosdiscordia I may have heard them on Spotify radio before, but I'm unfamiliar

Add them to the list!!

@SouthernGothHick ooo just to add to this list: Laurie Anderson, Juana Molina, Sophie, Mari Hamada

@SouthernGothHick How about Ayria, Üebermutter, Regenerator or Neikka RPM?


•Any song written by Lena Raine is the best song in the thing it's in.

@SouthernGothHick v late to this thread but:

Frou frou / Imogen Heap
Agnes Obel
Cœur de Pirate

Some of these aren’t strictly synth but all have a similar vibe

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