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I'm scared to open my old sketchbooks from high school cause I know there are going to be goddamn anime catboys in there

@SouthernGothHick @wintgenstein marx said to redistribute the feline followers and god dammit that is what I will DO

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I like to watch this movie called "Star Wars" where an old white asshole name Ben McNobi or something just lets the bad guy kill him with a lazer, which makes me laugh and throw popcorn at the TV while I scream "HAHAHA! Great fucking move! Get rekt you old loser!"

Jesus was white actually, so were the Egyptians, and so are black people.

your friend sold white jesus some ditch weed for 100 bucks an eighth

in the church of nutt, instead of hymns we sing mid-aughts emo songs

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shhh don't tell bofa crew im skippin out on they asses

Watching my brother play Sub Nautica (resource gathering sea-dive survival game), and it's honestly funny as hell

*After picking up a diamond*
PDA: "Keep in mind, all resources you gather are contractually the property of the Alterra corporation. Destruction or modification of this property will leave you liable for reimbursement of their full market value. Your current bill stands at $3 million."

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I probably won't

•I've already got an alt that I don't use (@SouthernGothHick )
•Respectfully, I'm less emo core, and more EDM which is like Montagues and Capulets

Anarchists in mainstream media: I WANT THE WORLD TO BE LIKE DARK SOULS
Anarchists IRL: I want the world to be like Animal Crossing

the benefit of being an adult is i no longer mistake misanthropy for brilliance and realize it's usually just a man being an asshole

ME: So glad I trimmed my following list!

*all my friends make nutt church alts*


My hot take is that Steven Universe is probably the best children's show that I can remember existing in terms of inclusiveness and general revolutionary spirit and while there are valid criticisms to the show, people should give it a bit of a break, because my guess is that everything that comes after it, inspired by it, will be even better.

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