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Bad faith leftist shitpost 

Yall love ragging on veterans but I think it takes a load of courage to be lied to by predatory recruitment ads, get poisoned by burn-pit fumes and toxic waste the US military exposes the troops to, be denied healthcare benefits for any reason the government can find, and then panhandle underneath the overpass named "veterans memorial parkway"

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Restorative justice is not even you let your friends keep issuing non-apologies for their creepy behavior, it's when you acknowledge that someone's abusive behavior is the result of abuses they've recieved from their family or violent systems of patriarchy and poverty and resolve to not reenforce those abuses when seeking justice

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If a child is not assigned a gender at birth and they are allowed to instead choose, discover, and develop their own gender expression as they grow, are they transgender?

Or, since their gender was not assigned at birth and Transgender is defined as not identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth, is another category more appropriate?

Is Transgender the ability to choose your own expression, or is it incongruity between one's identity and societal expectation?

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I'm scared to open my old sketchbooks from high school cause I know there are going to be goddamn anime catboys in there

if they built gundams in dallas or houston would they be tex-mechs

US anti-communist propaganda: the commies will kick down your door and nationalize your toothbrush

communist anti-US propaganda: the cops are white supremacists

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i can focus like nothing at a 40 minute nilered video about making a semiconductor, or for 2 hours of a podcast about chain restaurants, but the thought of watching a movie, any movie, seems like so much work that I couldn't bare it

Absorbed a ton of sunlight today like Venusaur

Apparently Ive had a copy of grim fandango remastered on steam since at least 2015

It's got commentary tracks on it too

And the last save file is exactly where my current playthrough on the jank virtual-machine setup was

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❌ bee lost eir job & needs some support ❌ 

hi friends, ya fave sex educator was laid off yesterday and i need some support to buy a laptop to start the job search over again, as i currently don’t have access to a computer.

my venmo is @ juicebat, any donation helps! if you donate over $10 i’m also happy to send you a lewd (put your @ and a 💖 in the comments), and for over $50, a lewd video. please only donate if you have the means.

boosts always appreciated!

#transcrowdfund #wenbiesday

I can't remember what these are called - Crystal Coral, I think? We didn't take any, but they're supposed to be edible as well.

They remind me of chicken feet in appearance, but I guess they are really more similar to coral. They're white and growing out of a log.

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i miss having a fish tank... like. what's up you wet fucks i am your god lol

I'm thinking about when Cuomo took all the masks that people sent from out of state that they made and decided the best use was for a fucking quilt.

If I spend more than 3 hours making this work it will have officially been more cost effective to buy the remastered version iff the nintendo eshop

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Im trying to use my switch pro controller on my windows 7 pc to play my windows 95 copy of Grim Fandango

replacing binaristic language of “man” and “woman” with “person with a penis/amab” or “person with a vulva/afab” is not an act of trans solidarity or nonbinary inclusivity. to use this language and not shift the context in which they are used is simply another form of binary reductionism. if you’re discussing an issue that disproportionately affects a people of a particular gender or with a certain type of anatomy, examine the statement first. is it exclusive to the gender? to the body?

re: DHS and conservatives 

@whiskeysailor surprise! conservative ideology was always a thin veil over a plain hunger to acquire and exercise power!!

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