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Bad faith leftist shitpost 

Yall love ragging on veterans but I think it takes a load of courage to be lied to by predatory recruitment ads, get poisoned by burn-pit fumes and toxic waste the US military exposes the troops to, be denied healthcare benefits for any reason the government can find, and then panhandle underneath the overpass named "veterans memorial parkway"

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Restorative justice is not even you let your friends keep issuing non-apologies for their creepy behavior, it's when you acknowledge that someone's abusive behavior is the result of abuses they've recieved from their family or violent systems of patriarchy and poverty and resolve to not reenforce those abuses when seeking justice

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If a child is not assigned a gender at birth and they are allowed to instead choose, discover, and develop their own gender expression as they grow, are they transgender?

Or, since their gender was not assigned at birth and Transgender is defined as not identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth, is another category more appropriate?

Is Transgender the ability to choose your own expression, or is it incongruity between one's identity and societal expectation?

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I'm scared to open my old sketchbooks from high school cause I know there are going to be goddamn anime catboys in there

I left a pack of 5 gum in my pocket and put my clothes in the laundry yesterday evening

Listening to "a people's history" and folks, this whole America thing is racist AF and high key sus

the most recent few seasons of gardener's world are on prime video, it's basically like Ask This Old House but for gardens and british, it is weekly and the episodes are timed with the climate conditions of the time of the year they air (so each episode is like: here's your weekend project). It stars monty don, my television style icon. he also has two golden retrievers who follow him around during the show. unqualified recommendation.


Going to drink my coffee and then attempt to v*te

bilingual pun 

the second amangement, which constitutionally guarantees your right to eat

Code Lyoko has:

An evil sentient AI
A computer girlfriend
And a catboy

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Watching the old episodes of Code Lyoko has been instrumental to helping me keep calm this past week

Blood of Zeus was a load of fun. If you disagree, you can respectfully, fuck off

kind of funny how at the exact same time that philosophers were elaborating a concept of "community" as a plurality of people defined by their differences from each other, popular culture and politics were also redefining the term, to mean the exact opposite.

The bad beowulf movie from 2007 is on netflix. Should i watch it now or save it for tomorrow night when I need several significant distractions

Finally got that end credits roll on Hades. Now it's time to scrounge around for the rest of the lore

so when a bestiary claims that leopards sleep in their caves for 20 years at a time, emerging to emit a sweet smell that causes all animals in the vicinity to line up for slaughter, that has less to do with actual leopards and more to do with satan

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(greek guy chiseling out a dick and balls) This is not horny

everyones out here dealing with "gender dysphoria" . how do you think i feel when I remember that Megaman cant officiate my wedding, because hes just a computer program. have some respect

This is the difference between a multiple decades of studying/ teaching material sciences and getting your BA in gender studies and burning out before you turn 30

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