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I'm scared to open my old sketchbooks from high school cause I know there are going to be goddamn anime catboys in there

boosting bruised butts and burning cop cars within a two minute period is praxis

I just remembered the line in Alita where a cyborg assassin says with a totally straight delivery: "Not bad, for a MEAT BOY"

The weather at my job has been biblical levels of rain for the past week

No one wants to come to the park when it's that wet out

I sent this picture of rock to my geologist friend and he fucking TOLD ME WHERE I HAD BEEN

When guys at work complain about people who "don't work," "live off the gov't dime," or "leech off everyone else," my favorite response is always "Tell me about it--rich ppl are the worst!!"

Usually it opens up for a double whammy because they get confused at first so I follow up w/ "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were talking about cops. They suck too."

It's always a good way to derail the convo w/ humor and let them know where you're politics stand w/o getting drawn in & gaslighted.

in the bad timeline is called and the admin is a american named ken

@cheyenne I've wanted to send you this for weeks, but couldn't find it.

2009: Train more ASMR artists how to do optometry.

2019: Train more optometrists how to do ASMR.

Unless you have a very good reason not to, or are publicly known anyway, there is really no need for you to use your real name or photo online.

Back in the 90s when i first discovered the internet, this was common knowledge. Nobody used their real name on forums or share personal information without considering the consequences. Those few who did were promptly told that's a bad idea.

It seems somehow we unlearned this, right when corporations started monetizing that information.

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I like the skinny pale kid with long hair that does the funny videos for Polygon. No, the other one.

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