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If a child is not assigned a gender at birth and they are allowed to instead choose, discover, and develop their own gender expression as they grow, are they transgender?

Or, since their gender was not assigned at birth and Transgender is defined as not identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth, is another category more appropriate?

Is Transgender the ability to choose your own expression, or is it incongruity between one's identity and societal expectation?

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I'm scared to open my old sketchbooks from high school cause I know there are going to be goddamn anime catboys in there

Some of the most famous people in history have sleep apnea. Like Darth Vader, or Bane

glimpse is objectively a better name for an image editor than [other name here] but boomer linux boys wont change it because they love ableism

*remembers when nerds got really mad at python changing master-slave terminology to parent-helper* hmmmmmmm is there some kind of pattern here?

is grilled cheese toad in a hole cake

is toad in a hole cake

Intelligent design my ass. I have a body that's been trying unsuccessfully to choke me to death in my sleep for years. Humans are the worst animals.

I might have spent my whole adult life in a fog of fatigue, mental confusion and irritability for no good reason. It would be nice to fix that

if you are going out tonight dont forgot to wear protection*

*a hat so that Mario cant possess you

Pokémon Sword/Shield stuff 

USpol prediction 

@starkatt as Randall Munroe put it: the radiance from a super nova from the distance of the Earth's orbit would be more than the radiance of a NUCLEAR BOMB PRESSED UP AGAINST YOUR EYEBALL.

:thinks about all that leftover angular momentum that must be transferred into the merged black hole's spin:

:screams inside:

The first ever detected black hole merger event released 3 solar masses worth of gravitational energy (we can equate mass to energy using this equation), peaking at a rate of roughly 4 x 1049 watts. This is more than the combined power of all light radiated by all the stars in the observable universe put together.

what the fuck.

@shel You misunderstand the "state capitalism" argument. Its not that these states have to compete in the international market and are therefore capitalist; it's that they are literally societies where a ruling class of people who own the means of production exploits a working class whose labor they exploit, and are therefore capitalist.

As such, they should be compared with other capitalist societies in terms of workers' rights, ability to engage in collective bargaining, etc..

the wii e shop music plays loudly as i sit by myself in the local timeline

Love using the Kurds organizing to avoid genocide to dunk on anarchists or tankies, depending on the situation. Because a genocide on the other side of the planet should be about me, really.

Anyways, what did you say Internationalism was again?

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