I learned today that a demo slept with Mitch MCconnell's first wife and that maybe explains why he's so vile now?

When you smell dank weed in public, yo can we smoke dat?

Isn't it hilarious when your employer makes thousands in profit a week but don't offer you health insurance or wage you can live comfortably on? 😂 Capitalism is so cool

Lol living that sweet of life of poverty but not being considered low income because of yearly income even though most of your income goes to pay off debt and bills and there's no programs that give a fuck about your situation 😂

It took me a long time to love my Hispanic roots after being made to feel ashamed or less than b/c I'm not traditionally beautiful with eurocentric features and was self conscious of meaningless shit like body hair and the size of my nose. Self love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself

It makes me sad to see how popular it is for Latina and Hispanic women to become whitewashed and dye their hair blonde, etc and you can't tell what race they are anymore

Strange how despite the wealth of info and stories about how shitty a fashion designer is, people will continue to fawn over them and shell out thousands of money to wear the name of a racist, misogynist asshole (e.g., Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Lagerfeld)

We can all laugh now about how dickwad Karl Lagerfield "hated ugly people" when he was fugly as hell

Depressing that there are so many companies that make a huge profit by kicking people already weighed down by financial woes. Payday loans, cash out apps, health insurance supplements, the list goes on and on

Please stay away from predatory apps such as Earnin or Dave that will "cash out" your same day earnings, these companies will post multiple transactions in one day and have the potential to make someone's financial woes even worse

What's the longest you've gone without groceries? I'm nearing 2 weeks

The fact that the new L Word is only on Showtime is homophobic to all the poor LGBT folks out there like me who refuse to pay for another monthly subscription

Teenagers in Daly City love to trash their leftovers from the movie theater in BART lot for some reason. I know I'm an adult when I become irritated by the youth's shenanigans 😒

On my second cup of coffee and it's not even 10 am yet 😴

Wild to see how many followers are so proud to unabashedly support a president that doesn't give a fuck about them

NYE resolution is healthy financial management

Imagine believing your comedy is so sacred that you'll sue the audience if they refuse to sign and act accordingly to the terms of your NDA. That's like the most unchill thing a comedian could ever do 😒

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