I wanna be the dude in charge of naming dumbass police operations. Cops investigating some shenanigans at the Renaissance fair? That's Operation Bad Dragon

@Slipperywerm The bowling alley is running a sex trafficking ring? Thats Operation Strikeout

@SanfordianPhil @ItsJenNotGabby a college admissions bribery scandal? What that's Operation Varsity Blues! Special Agent Van Der Beek can fill you in.

@SanfordianPhil @Slipperywerm @ItsJenNotGabby out here with my brothers in arms walking the thin blue line, steadfast in my commitment to the success of our critically important crackdown on unlicensed sex shops, Operation: Sybian Dawn

@SanfordianPhil @ItsJenNotGabby local sandwich chain doing a little extra business on the side? That's Operation Oil and Vinegar.

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