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Rip πŸ‘ my πŸ‘ teeth πŸ‘ out πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ replace πŸ‘ them πŸ‘ with πŸ‘ drill πŸ‘ bits

Beto O'Rourke is like, "you know what the most punk-rock thing you can do is? Accepting small incremental change that does not belong to address power and wealth Dynamics in this country!"

gonna send my kid to school with a cardboard guillotine around his neck

Who's the first of the to take their kids to ?

If we all ate just a little bit of garbage everyday, within a year there would be somewhat less garbage

I love that Chernobyl is a story of workers sacrificing themselves to save millions while they take the piss out of the bosses.

i wonder if laurie has seen the message i sent her on facebook

some fuckin dude i havent talked to in ages is asking me on facebook if im voting on thursday what da heck bro!

Inside you there are two trucks, having sex. Two trucks, having sex.

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