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Rip πŸ‘ my πŸ‘ teeth πŸ‘ out πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ replace πŸ‘ them πŸ‘ with πŸ‘ drill πŸ‘ bits

the fediverse but it's a mid-to-late 90's space opera show

Blowback to the blowback is my favorite online phenomenon but is my least favorite whale sex position.

if morrowind is so good how come no morrowind 2

kids these days are into doing the Fortnite floss
but they care not about #foss

Eating out of tupperware cuz I ran out of bowls...I've fallen so far...

Okay theoretically if I rented a billboard (in Germany) to advertise Mastodon for a little bit, what would you write on the billboard

my ass is grass. mow my ass, its getting wild and out of control.

eating a vanilla coke straight off the vine. truly, this is the lap of luxury

step 1: get job
step 2: expect life to change
step 3: post

heh, don't mind me. I'm just a really techy girl who's gonna do some #FOSS 'cause I feel like it

If you think about it, you can justify almost any outlandish idea by saying 'if you think about it' in front of it.

FOSS was created by legendary choreographer Bob Fosse.

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