Wow never would have guessed that the dipshit Mark Zuckerberg, who eats dry toast and disregards and then sells human privacy to buy yachts, would institute disgusting anti-LGBTQIA+ rules for posting. Delete facebook.

@jizzwitch @ShartGarfunkel a ha, so mentioning a sexual preference is against the rules, but we can assume that broadcasting sexuality in the way that straight people do all the time will be overlooked

@jizzwitch @ShartGarfunkel all those photos of straight people holding hands and kissing are cancelled, so sad

@jizzwitch @sign also on a less sincerepost vibe, I'm going to reactivate my facebook and report every straight couple with a photo together

@ShartGarfunkel @sign I still use FB for a couple shit posting groups and to post pics of my kids for older family members but I'm gonna download all my photos and prepare to get permazucced for having ever talked about sexuality

@jizzwitch @sign photos of your kids are suggestive of the act that created them and are therefore banned, sorry. Would you like a piece of dry toast?

@ShartGarfunkel @jizzwitch “We’ve been trying to get pregnant all year!”

I hope you’ve been trying to clone yourself in a laboratory because that’s the only way Facebook allows procreation.

@sign @ShartGarfunkel FB allows for procreative hetero sex in the dark, clothed, missionary position only, and the woman mustn't orgasm


@jizzwitch @sign “hi folks, it’s Mark *takes a bite of a still frozen Eggo Waffle* and I’m here to tell you about sex. Sex is performed with no movement or sound, while both participants remain clothed save for their genitalia. The act is complete when the man decides he has had a good time.”

@ShartGarfunkel @jizzwitch If we haven’t noticed yet, the advanced futuristic computery libertarian capitalism is more restrictive than regular old conservative capitalism...

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