One thing Americans have forgotten is that you have to fight for your right to party. We’ve become a lesser nation because of this I feel.

Good morning. I’m here to be exploited baby. Oooh yeah steal my surplus labor daddy.

I don’t have a date for the wedding now. Anyone want to volunteer?

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Good morning. I drank a lot and slept four hours. Am I still drunk? Let’s find out....

Good morning. No work and fuck Christoper Columbus. Give your money to indigenous people today.

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After they fed my dog bacon she became @bruja best friend.

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Good morning! @bruja is on the way and I am beyond hyped!

If this place had a smell it would definitely be clowns fucking.

Kite Man should get his own movie. I’d watch the fuck out of two hours of Kite Man.

I do wonder who washes all the dishes on Guys Grocery Games. And what the fuck do they do with all that meat and veggies that have spoil dates? Is it just wasted?

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