this is as good as it gets

never gonna top this maple syrup

@SarahKite woah this image is lewd af pls mark sensitive

When I saw this photo, I was so titillated that I instinctively reached for the huge bulge in my pants, where I keep my wallet. I lost all inhibitions and gave into my base instincts and immediately ordered a large stack of pancakes from IHOP on Grubhub. I'm spent...because payday is Tuesday.

four thoughts:

1) perhaps seek help?
2) does IHOP even have real maple syrup available on the table?
3) when you get paid, making pancakes is cheap & easy; you can afford it
4) the most reasonably priced real maple syrup for your homemade pancakes is found at Trader Joe’s

(and yeah, your response was really funny 😂 thanks 👌🏼)

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