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*long, slow drag*
*exhale 💨💨*

“I haven’t heard that name in years”

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this is my
🎶 She’ll find you and she’ll kill you🎶
Molten Light / Chad VanGaalen
the music video that accompanies this song is animated & depicts an initial act of sexual & mortal violence against a woman)

It’s a long time since I’ve been here but I guess Radical Town is folding soon, so this is a reminder that I still have a Mastodon account over on

If you don’t already follow me there, please go ahead & do that if you wish

I won’t do a mass DM though.
I spend most of my time on birdsite
Over there, you can find me

i we ever make contact with aliens, i call dibs on explaining baseball to them

thinkin about how landlordism and venture capitalism are both basically just the bad guy's plot in Rush Hour 2: "imagine a business where people hand you money, and you hand them back... absolutely nothing."

body image; self-loathing 🙁 

i’ve been going to physical therapy, masked & temperature-checked...

& while it’s good for me, i hate to look at my body in the mirror. i’ve been trying SO HARD to cut back on calories & get a lot of exercise/get back in shape. and while my clothes fit a little better, i hate that nothing i do, core-wise, elicits a discernible waistline anymore. my legs look good, but the pandemic lockdown has transformed me from an pear to an apple shape. it’s depressing. i loathe myself for it & idk if i’ll ever get my body back

i’m rarely on here anymore, but just fyi, i’ve decided not to allow ppl to follow me if they follow like 500 ppl, only 5 followers & have a default avi

if ppl can’t take the time to put up an avi, and they’re desperate to follow a locked account, that’s fishy

lewd; partial nudes, nipple, no ec 

bath time with BeCasso toon filter

boobs, not mine; no ec but eyes averted 

young Angela Lansbury wowswers

things to do with a dead Biden 

i’m dead,,, like Joe!

why am i even there?

it was time for me to reactivate or i’d lose my accounts

plus honestly, more friends on there than here, unfortunately

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so i’ve been over on birdsite & something weird that happened to me is i responded to the cool democratic socialist running for the mayor of my city, saying transit should be free

and she replied
and she liked & retweeted her own reply
which is nbd here but is not really something you do on 🐦

she liked my reply, and no one else did

it do be like that over on hellsite

covid-related dark humor 

illustration by pia guerra,
courtesy of the nib

𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐞 𝐁𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐞 𝐯𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐞

to all these 20-somethings bragging about going out on the town, exercising their “free will”...

let me tell you a little something about “determinism”...


supporters of the president feel

1) he’s doing a good job w/ combatting corona virus
2) they don’t need to practice self-distancing — it’s fake news just like the climate crisis

frankly, i see no problem here;
i’m good w/ this

party on, MAGAcites!!

the fix is in/ covid 

Jared Kushner is an owner & co-founder of Oscar Health

janelle monae immediately took down an Instagram video she just posted of her clubbing, dancing w/a mask 😷 & sunglasses 🕶 & i guess some ppl told her ~hey, check your privilege & quarantine!~

musings - status update - sort of fed up/sad 

i’m currently naked in a bathtub drinking some marginal home brew cider, thinking about my (ex?)boyfriend emailing me yesterday that he misses me so much (i emailed him back sweetly) then later saying he hates email. but he’s the one who earned the block, yet again, refuses to apologize, get mental health help (he’s insured) or just get to a more stable place in his life (he has the money now). he also refuses to read my old email saying i won’t put up with his verbal abuse anymore

so today i send him a photo of the snow & a brief message, & he replies “idgaf talk to someone else”

so i’m just numb, thinking of how much more i’ll need to write on a term paper tomorrow

i know armchair psych diagnosis is unhelpful, but i’ve probed the depths of DSMV diagnostics w/his behavior & i’m leaning heavily toward borderline pd

who knows anymore
nothing really matters tbh

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