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*long, slow drag*
*exhale 💨💨*

“I haven’t heard that name in years”

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this is my
🎶 She’ll find you and she’ll kill you🎶
Molten Light / Chad VanGaalen
the music video that accompanies this song is animated & depicts an initial act of sexual & mortal violence against a woman)

“In a morbid condition, dreams are often distinguished by their remarkably graphic, vivid, and extremely lifelike quality. The resulting picture is sometimes monstrous, but the setting and the whole process of the presentation sometimes happen to be so probable, and with details so subtle, unexpected, yet artistically consistent with the whole fullness of the picture, that even the dreamer himself would be unable to invent them in reality" ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Curtis Remarc is a bad person & if you’re on birdsite & follow him, kindly unfollow me

he was at it again today, luckily i have friends who alert me to what he’s up to

shit i tried to put these behind a CW but i guess my new app won’t do it in a thread

so my alt is getting “canceled” lol over on birdsite by a dude named Curtis Remarc

i tweeted last night that i was unhappy w/my home life, quelle suprise, & even though i don’t follow him, he made it his business to screenshot & publicly scold me

he tried to cancel another friend of mine this year

these piece of shit busybody misogynists who go around trying to ride in on some moral high ground are usually trying to get attention & deflect from their own troubled lives

having a normal one

grindr but for my teeth

wait that's just my mouth

*grinds teeth*

i havent seen the film but i assume that the sisterhood go on a journey to destroy the pants by throwing them in the fire from which they were forged

One time I was day drinking with my friend Peter, and my old boss called me up to ask if I would write a screenplay called American MILF. Peter suggested I tell him I'd take the job, but only if it could be a heist movie. So I did. And I could tell he wanted to say no, but he didn't know any other good writers, so he accepted my terms. It never got made, but somewhere out there exists a screenplay for a heist movie called American MILF

i will never understand the allure of “professional wrestling”

@peptostate @SarahKite I’ve tried appealing but I always get the auto response about threatening violence or abuse against members of their site, “Fascists get bullets” was over the line.

can't afford to buy gamer girls' bath water because I am spending all my money removing the boot they have placed on my 2004 subaru wrx

saying goodbye to your sweetie is nbd

it’s the driving away, alone & learning to live with him not there beside you that’s the killer 💔

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