Ah, the "I wanna block you for my health but you're so Useful" stage of the crush, goooooood good good.

if someone criticised Rube Goldberg i would simply flip a switch that activated a miniature train, pushing an egg into a series of tubes that lead to a wind-up car toy with a needle taped onto it, popping a nearby balloon which caused a small weight to fall on a button that starts a sowing machine which pulls on the fabric it's sowing, releasing seven small marbles that one by one fall into a bucket, weighing it down until the frying pan it's attached to falls from its shelf and bonks them on the head

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Twitter: everyone is mad and I don't know why so I guess I'm going to be mad too
Mastodon: everyone is talking about dildos and I don't know why so I guess I'm going to talk about dildos too

u can actually pee from any part of your body, the govt lies and tells u it has to be the sex part

Dear Microsoft Office,

“Trepidatious” is TOO a word, liars,
and that’s how it’s spelled!

Sarah Kite

(went ahead & changed the sentence so it’s now “trepidation”, which of course Microsoft & its updates think is fine)

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I got handed an ayn rand sandwich
straight from the can it tasted so bland
i asked the lass to pass me a glass
of engels' conditions of the working class

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oooohhh OOOOHHHH

is it...
“putting on makeup at all and buying into what capitalist culture thinks you should look like when you could just say ‘fuck it - i’m old’ & slap on some lip balm & call it good”???

(ad image via Instagram)

there’s this point in a relationship when you realize you’ve married your dad...
but your dad is a stoic loner

and then there’s this other point in a relationship when you’ve realized this for the

*checks notes*

3,812th time 😐

dear goth girl with a skull shirt coming out of Fred Meyer carrying a chocolate layer cake in a plastic box:

let’s do a Thelma & Louise
(i just filled up my Subaru tank)

twf you dont know the language its in very well but a meme speaks to your soul anyway

(thx @FimbulK i think it was u that posted this)

never date someone you wouldn't commit an act of eco terrorism with

Alex Trebek: When you can’t stop eating plain crackers straight from the box.

Me (*banging on answer button*):

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