Sometimes a family is four cishet guys and a nonbinary person building a giant house and playing gay chicken with the bed situation


"Bro, the fire is too far away, we gotta make a double bed instead of two singles" "bro, head to toe is illegal" "bro, I need a bed, let's make this a king bed, for kings"

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@Manurweibling well, the house is gorgeous, balcony style interior and backed up to a mountain. Our basement has a nice stone finish that I'm proud of. The roof is offset by half a tile but I actually like that... oh you meant about the homiesexual gay chicken

@breakfastgolem @Manurweibling I'm gonna be real with you bud, there is nothing low key about my endorsement of valheim

@Manurweibling I am, it scratches the itch of minecraft and has raytracing and the plausible reason of early access for the bad textures. And it's really nice doing a real chill co-op building with my buds

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