@SanfordianPhil this but with having sex / ace people looking down

@kiosk I have a folder named "needed things" and this is like one of 4 things in it

@SanfordianPhil I do love this image, but I wish it went a step further... "someone you care about" could be "anyone who sees it", even unassuming strangers

@Nezchan @SanfordianPhil @kiosk
The same with ppl sprouting misogynistic bs while saying "I don't mean you. You are different." to mother, sister, girlfriend. But what does it take to loose this privileged status? To want a divorce since dad is an even bigger misogynist? To get a boyfriend? To not let you get away with anything anymore? If you think/say something like that about one female, you think it in secret about all. ImO.

@blueplanetslittlehelper @SanfordianPhil @kiosk

Yup, or using trans as an insult against a transphobic PoS like Ann Coulter, who won't give a shit about your insults.

Meanwhile justifying it to your trans friends who are telling you to stop because it's normalizing using them as an insult.

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