Once, at church camp, they had this very in depth larp thing where you had to hide from Romans and try to find the church. There was also a false church and the only way you could tell was the wording of "in the beginning there was god" passage but it didn't have the bit about them being of the same substance or whatever (it was a Mormon translation). If you went to the false church you were "safe" in the game but lost after (went to hell). Anyway that's all you need to know about how protestants feel about the bible

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@SanfordianPhil Oh church camp games. I remember we had one called "Arabs and Israelis" and yes it was exactly as culturally sensitive as it sounds.

@SanfordianPhil By "we" I mean "the weird evangelical christian adults who ran the camp," I was just along for that weird-ass ride because my parents had a cabin there and made me go until my non-violent protest of "getting heat stroke literally every goddamn year" started to have an effect...

@SanfordianPhil God I have so many stupid-ass Christian camp stories. I wanted to do a whole "Walden" thing and live off green tea and write in my journal all summer at the cabin, but my mom figured I'd starve so signed me up to wash dishes at the camp in exchange for $5 CAD per day plus meals in the kitchen. They tried to make me get up at 7 am every day for "Prayer Warrior Meetings" but I told them to fuck off about that pretty quickly. Awful summer, that was...

@SanfordianPhil one of the things i remember vividly from our church camp was being blindfolded and having to guide ourselves along a narrow rope through the forest (representing God's commandments) while the counselors ran around telling us things like "over here! This is the right way!" (Representing the devil's temptations)

In the end, we all made it back to the central amphitheater where we had a lesson about resisting temptation

@SanfordianPhil my wife: "we had to write our sins down on a piece of paper and nail them to a cross, and then the counselors burned the cross and played acoustic guitar at us."

Me: "optics. 👍"

My wife: "i couldn't put my finger on it, but i knew something wasn't quite right. You can share this if you want."

@SanfordianPhil This is the most southern vacation bible school activity ever.

On the other end of the spectrum, i remember in 2008, i went to australia for a Catholic youth gathering called World Youth Day

It was controversial in AUS because lots of roads were closed, trains were full, there were certain parts of Sydney where you couldn't protest the catholic church, and the government funded part of it.

One of the adult chaperones didn't understand why it was controversial and I tried to help her, by saying we'd be annoyed if there was a Mormon gathering that disrupted our life, the government funded it, and we couldn't even protest, and the response was "Well, the difference here is that the Mormon church isn't the One True Church" 🙄

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