Can't stare into the void if the void is behind your eyes *taps head*

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@setup I've been good, mostly. Made the mistake of playing disc golf on the hottest day so far this year yesterday but other than that I'm healthy! How're you?!

@SanfordianPhil i hope the disc golf was worth it! i’m sure it was. also i’m okay!! doing more school... as always

@setup it was worth it! I forgot how much I enjoyed going out and playing (I stopped for like 5 years before a few weeks ago). Are you taking summer classes or just getting ready for fall?

@SanfordianPhil no way!! i didn’t know you had a history with disc golf... it looks like so much fun. imagine if you threw the disc so hard you severed the chain holding up the basket and also decapitated former president George W. Bush. and yeah these are summer classes

@setup if I ever start throwing hard enough that I can decapitate bush I'll definitely do that

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