It's time. I have no idea what this does but I hope it makes me stop thinking people are actually talking to me

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@SanfordianPhil second one is freeway park in seattle! it's a lid over I-5, with the convention center in the background.

@grant nice! I like the idea of driving under underpasses that have things growing on them

@meena I have no idea about 1 and 3. Someone told me in the comments that the overpass is in Seattle though. I was just looking at concrete building with plants on google because they are nice to look at

@SanfordianPhil so beautiful!! I can't wait until vertical forests are a thing... I hear there are a few places including Italy and China that are experimenting with them but I've yet to see any pics

@SanfordianPhil I'm sure they'd be an easy sell for residents as well:) If I had a choice of a regular glass and steel highrise or that .... no question!

@SanfordianPhil last thing, I found it! This actually exists in Milan, real video of the "flying gardeners"

The second one looks like the convention center in Seattle. No so much brutalist as an MC Escher drawing come to life.

@SanfordianPhil I didn't know this could be a fetish... but here we are 乁(ツ)ㄏ

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