Refusing to stop shaking Herc's paw until he admits I'm a better dealmaker


This is the look of a dog who doesn't understand the game we're playing but knows he's gonna win eventually

(He knows I have to stop to put his medicine on him, the reason he got in this chair)

@zenhob he is a very patient boy (unless you have food, he doesn't play games with food)

@bryn you know it's a good dog when bryn starts both sentences in response with god 👍

@brogepi he is a very sweet boy who hurts me sometimes trying to show affection

@SanfordianPhil @brogepi I've had my nose attacked by dogs trying to show how much they missed me many times.

@whiskeysailor @SanfordianPhil nothing like getting gouged in the gut by affectionate puppy claws

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