Important life decision that only directly affects me: quick, easy, flip a coin, who cares?
Inconsequential decision that is for more than just me:

@witchymaddie but what if they hate my pizza toppings or tv watching habits???

@SanfordianPhil it’s not that important philly

I say this knowing that I worry about people hating my taste in music or the deodorant I wear

@SanfordianPhil it’s the little voice that just never shuts up

“you’ll be canceled for liking dried parm on your spaghetti” it says

@witchymaddie also lol at the deodorant, I forgot to put some on the other day so I stopped and got some on the way and the wall of choices was *intimidating*

@SanfordianPhil lmao yes

Why are there 4 million types of deodorant at my small local grocery store, because I feel like if you stand there too long, everyone will be staring and judging

@witchymaddie someone walked by while I was mumbling "why so many" over and over lmao

@witchymaddie it was not ideal, but also funny so who can say if it was bad or not?

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