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Make one joke about something gross: ew gross

Make two jokes about something gross: I get it jeez

Make hundreds of jokes about something gross: ok, so like,,, is this something you like,,, like like?

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Introduction, sappy at the end 

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Having a normal day on a normal website with my normal friends and loving it

Still terrified of the very big human teeth I saw in a horse's mouth last week

No one:
Horse standing at the fence: *shows their teeth*
Me: awful

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i haven’t actually been to my animal crossing town(s) in a little bit and part of the reason is the guilt over not having been there in a while, which only gets worse the longer you wait. also please read this as me being empathetic and not a nut

i don’t need a proof for euclid’s algorithm. i believe you when you say that it works. thank you

thirstposting, ec, lewd (pretty revealing but not nude) 

Lewd adjacent, bro stuff, sexuality and societal training 

A dog wandered into my favorite local news anchor's report from home camera view. That was cute, very good... but! The cuter thing? The weather guy had a mini freak out about seeing a dog and being happy

Day 15: song you are vibing too right now 

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Four days and one mental health break day later my computer is finally usable

#Official30DaySongChallenge day 14 

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#Official30DaySongChallenge day 13:
song i'd listen to after i'd murdered some cunt who deserves it. 'walking on sunshine' by katrina & the waves. it's one of the greatest pop songs of all time and that's not a joke.

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Using the spoiler tags in discord to discuss the ending of the first cambridge latin primer

Day 14: song I mess up even though I swear I know the words 

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Day 13: getaway song for a righteous murder 

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It's been easier to remember since my stepbrother who I grew up with had his first biological kid

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Fun fact, I am an uncle and have been since my dad got remarried. I am announcing this so hopefully I can hopefully remember this fact I have constantly forgotten

Sid's review of uncles 

'this site contains adult content. you must verify you are over 18 and willing to see it before you can proceed'

i click ok, and uncle barbeques dot com loads

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