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I don't know what's happening, but I'm ready to lean into it completely

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Here's to you, radical and town,
Rest forever here in our hearts,
The last and final moment is yours,
That agony is your triumph

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Make one joke about something gross: ew gross

Make two jokes about something gross: I get it jeez

Make hundreds of jokes about something gross: ok, so like,,, is this something you like,,, like like?

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Introduction, sappy at the end 

I never did one of these elsewhere so here is my
I'm Philly, formally Phil but it's fine if you call me that as everyone in real life does. I am a nonbinary (they/them though I won't get mad at he/him, still go with those irl), bisexual (or pansexual, still not sure what the distinction is). I'm an accountant so if you even want me to bore you ask about what I do (or if numbers are your thing please do ask). You may know me from large threads and replying earnestly to you, it is what I do. I joke sometimes, but mostly I am just happy to be here, where I can learn about myself and all of you

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Having a normal day on a normal website with my normal friends and loving it

"It's too late," he said egretfully. "I'm a big old bird now."

Sardinian Italian joke, lewd bad mention 

A Sardinian walks into an Italian bar. The Italian bartender says "hey-a pal-a, let-a me-a fuck your sheep-a!"
The Sardinian says back "buddy, we don't even fuck our sheep"

@bees *bees voice* you weren't flirting, you were just talking with me and trying to hook up

Like I have no problem with them being professionals at this game but saying athlete is kinda... ehhhhhhhh

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I am currently "walking it off" and reminding myself he is a good boy

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Herc did the thing where he shakes his whole body but he waited to do it until he bamboo rod of a tail was right next to my knee


if you don’t like me: have you considered just liking me?

Covid sanford local (just me) 

1 in 2000 people have died here which is a *little* less than the US average, but we have had 40 cases reported from Thursday to Monday which per capita is more than the US for the whole seven days

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If only you could mute just one branch of a thread

*dancing* come unhinged
*striking a pose* take revenge

With zero context i agree that julles is and absolute clown

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