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So, as some of you know, I've been volunteering with an organization in Greensboro. They are a mutual aid group that gives out supplies and food to homeless/houseless people in Greensboro. I was gonna wait until the next stimulus check to do this but that seems to be taking forever and they want to push hard for funds in March so... here it is.

If you have money to spare and are struggling to find a group that gives aid to people without pushing religion, you could do alot worse than giving to WHOA Greensboro.

Thanks for reading,

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I don't know what's happening, but I'm ready to lean into it completely

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Here's to you, radical and town,
Rest forever here in our hearts,
The last and final moment is yours,
That agony is your triumph

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Having a normal day on a normal website with my normal friends and loving it

*poking it with a stick* you were working a second ago. I didn't dooooo anything. Work.

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@Manurweibling mads would fall head over heels for a short guy who got lost in a grocery store

@SanfordianPhil Philly, I promise nothing will ever be about Maroon 5

@SanfordianPhil bold of you to assume we're friends philly (jk jk jk ily)

you all better boost this post when it happens btw

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excited for lindsay ellis' next video, "cancel culture" [1:38:32]

Who all did we lose forever in the Radtown demise? I feel like a lot of folks popped up elsewhere is slowly becoming a repository of like 30 different instances' emojis, and I will not apologize for ANY of that brazen theft.

I'm sorry, is something that affects every mastohost user and makes hosting a custom instance harder a bore for you. Toot toot website boi

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Ok, so. I have once again broken my instance by, let me check these notes here, trying to change the max characters. But yeah, change it to post, who gives a fuck

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