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I don't know what's happening, but I'm ready to lean into it completely

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Here's to you, radical and town,
Rest forever here in our hearts,
The last and final moment is yours,
That agony is your triumph

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Having a normal day on a normal website with my normal friends and loving it

Dark, not good, body horror and children 

Over/under on how long before a kid gets a finger cut off by Robocop Dog Edition ™️

I think I’ve leaned a lot harder into movie content the past few months but please don’t forget that I also post absolute bullshit

bro your eyes are so pretty, no homo bro. like I could get lost in them, in a heterosexual way

It's the worst people in the world who want me dead, but at least they also hate hasbro

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Anyway, if you have anything illegal to do please speak clearly into the voice chat and state your legal name

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Imagine being the fed paid to spy on the fediverse. Joining discords to play among us, jackbox, trivia.

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