There’s nothing wrong with getting help from your parents, they’re your PARENTS, they’re literally supposed to help you

The problem is when you turn around and sneer at other people who don’t get help from their parents


Person 1: “I got $5000 from my parents to help me pay off my car”

Person 2: “I got $5000 from my parents to help me pay off my car, on an unrelated note, I simply cannot understand why people choose to be poor”

Person 1 is fine, Person 2 less fine

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@RobinHood having been person 1 (it was $1000 and help buying tires, the first time my folks actually helped with car expenses of any kind) I'd suggest the difference is that person 1 spent time without the help and understands that it doesn't just naturally show up out of nowhere. Person 2 just kinda assumes it just happens, maybe.

@Leucrotta @RobinHood also, there is a subtype of person 2, that considers their parents as contractually forced to give them lots of money, and that will make a huge fuss if they don't recieve it.

@RobinHood mm. the worst is when people are like "i am a self-made man" and they have had TONS of help from their parents

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