The 80’s were weird, two of the most popular home computers were made by leather companies

@RobinHood I think I was born the day Colecovision came out


@InternetEh Coleco stands for Connecticut Leather Company. When I first learned this, I think I blacked out for like 10 mins

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@RobinHood yeah I know. And wasn't Nintendo like a playing card company?

@witchfynder_finder @RobinHood conversely, a lot of the companies you think have all this history really don't. Wells Fargo just bought the name. There's no connection to the old west delivery service

Firearms ment 

@witchfynder_finder @InternetEh yep! The current Springfield Armory used to be L.H. Gun Company out of Devine Texas. When the government shuttered the Springfield Armory in the sixties, L.H. Gun bought the name

@InternetEh I think so! But like, at least that’s somewhere near the same genre? I really don’t understand the leather thing

@RobinHood they invented the leather laptop bag first and needed to invent the computer to go in it

@RobinHood apparently in Tandy's case, they got into selling ham radios by mail in kits, which is how some of the early personal computers were sold. Then they sold whole, prefab computers.

@RobinHood it seems like the answer is leather arts and crafts was a DIY business, and the early computer industry was highly DIY. Which is weird to think about

@InternetEh @RobinHood nintendo has been around for like 130 years, they had a love hotel chain and a cab division before they leaned fully into video games

@dankwraith @InternetEh @RobinHood Yoshi is a reference to the cab division, because they weren't cars, but rather giant green lizards

@robotcarsley @RobinHood apologies but I can't see the rest of this conversation...

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