Gender reveal parties are an existential threat to all the western states, is not a sentence that should exist

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I’m just saying, a transgender person taking a piss in a bathroom has never done 7 million dollars worth of damage

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My favorite thing is that jokes like this make my conservative neighbors piss themselves laughing,

and thus, their conversion begins

they don’t even know it’s happening

Jesus, I had one ask me an honest question about pronouns the other day

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Them: β€œWhat do you think about the...Uh...they/them...thing?”

Me: β€œWell, I was raised to say β€˜sir’ and β€˜ma’am’ because it’s good manners”

Them: β€œDamn right, me too!”

Me: β€œExactly! It’s polite to address people the way they want to be addressed, that’s just basic manners, right?”

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Just a quick back-of-the-envelope, but if you could evacuate urine at 2,500 ft/s (~Mach 3) you could probably cut a porcelain toilet clean in half

@GreenandBlack you would also be launched a significant distance into the air. You’d be accelerated at about 14ft/second, so you might need to tether yourself to the toilet

@RobinHood alright, now how many toilets do I need to break before I do 7 million dollars worth of damage?

@GreenandBlack there is an economy of scale though, since porcelain is very susceptible to hydraulic fracturing, you’d probably destroy not only the toilet you’re sitting on, but also the rest of the toilets connected to that local system. (As in, the rest of the toilets in that bathroom, but probably not toilets in adjacent bathrooms)

@RobinHood @GreenandBlack replacing my dick and balls with a CNC diamond-aggregate abrasive waterjet cutter


Tsk, they stopped me at 6.9 million. That record could have been mine

@RobinHood Ok, thats a hell of a rhetorical flourish to leap from "why do people have to make such a big deal about gender?" straight into "I know, we should just abolish gender, right?" and stick the landing.

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