Millennials be like β€œoh god I’m so useless, anyway here’s a whole-ass blanket I knitted”

β€œI’m a such a chaos bottom! Uwu!” the millennial says while tapping a hobnail into the heel of the shoe they’re making

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A tattooed enby lifts their welding mask, β€œI just wish I was better at adulting, you know?” They continue welding the frame on their homebrew electric truck

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β€œA survivalist?!? Holy shit! I’d be useless in an apocalypse!” Says the millennial whose entire pantry is homemade pickles

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@RobinHood This whole thing is just me. Just...

"I just can't function and I don't know how to fix it," says the autistic enby while publishing her sixth book.

@RobinHood "I'd probably be the first one eaten by the zombies," says the milliennial building their homemade shotgun with melted down slugs.

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