Millennials be like “oh god I’m so useless, anyway here’s a whole-ass blanket I knitted”

“I’m a such a chaos bottom! Uwu!” the millennial says while tapping a hobnail into the heel of the shoe they’re making

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A tattooed enby lifts their welding mask, “I just wish I was better at adulting, you know?” They continue welding the frame on their homebrew electric truck

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“A survivalist?!? Holy shit! I’d be useless in an apocalypse!” Says the millennial whose entire pantry is homemade pickles

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@RobinHood honestly making a blanket is up there as one of my biggest achievements of my life

@RobinHood This whole thing is just me. Just...

"I just can't function and I don't know how to fix it," says the autistic enby while publishing her sixth book.

@RobinHood "I'd probably be the first one eaten by the zombies," says the milliennial building their homemade shotgun with melted down slugs.

@RobinHood very good at doing stuff they don't know or want to monetize. Society may not have broken us but it has warped us pretty good


I was gonna snidely say I can't do any of those but I actually can tig weld and cut pretty well.

@RobinHood I love these! We're not the problem, capitalism is the problem!

@RobinHood I love this whole thread, but this one in particular. The idea of being bad at adulting is a lie that makes problems inflicted on us by the outside world (mostly employers and the state) somehow our fault.

@RobinHood immediately started assessing my skill profitability (doesn't look good)

@RobinHood I feel like so many of us got gaslit by the media into thinking we're worthless and useless until we believed it.


Further cementing my rep as Fedi oldster by peering over my pince-nez and saying, "My word! They use the WHOLE ass for just one blanket?! Heavens!"

@RobinHood God I'm so useless. Anyrate, here's a map of Oklahoma and vicinity's state highway system in lane detail and most of the attached driveways in machine readable format.

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