Trains have historically been referred to as β€œiron horses” so I’m leaning yes

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@RobinHood i resent the suggestion that thomas the tank engine has a human face, he has a train face

@alex @RobinHood Yeah, there's lots of humans on Sodor and none look like that.

Thomas is a cyborg, he has some living parts and mechanical augments.

@erinbee @alex @RobinHood Thomas the Tank Engine cries out for death as an abomination of human hubris that should not be! Yay!

Thomas the Tank Engine has a humanlike face, but no human torso, with his various nonhuman parts.

Thomas the Tank Engine is not a centaur.

Thomas the Tank Engine is a manticore.



Sir Topham Hatt, his face fixed in a dead eyed grin, β€œall aboard, all aboard the manticore”

@RobinHood this is a slippery slope to saying lightning mcqueen is also a centaur

Extremely laboured pun. Not funny. 

@RobinHood only when he (verb indicating that a train is consuming the tracks in that way that trains do) on the *centaur-al* line.

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