So y’all were just gonna let me find out about the USPS big-tiddy Bugs Bunny stamp on my own

This is the sluttiest thing to come out of a government agency since Quinn the Quarantine Fox

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*At the local philatelist meeting*

“Welcome to all our new members! We have a lot of new stamps and stamp fans here tonight!”

*hands go up*

“I...I can’t believe I’m having to say this...but cannot fuck the stamps”

*hands go down*

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*working security at the stamp museum*

“Buddy, they won’t even let me fuck ‘em”

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@tinytoydragon @RobinHood not gonna lie i am incredibly disappointed that the entire set isnt this one stamp

@wolfpede @RobinHood There's apparently 3 unannounced stamps too. Wonder how horny the rest will be...

@RobinHood July 23rd, 22:13: Radtown user "Robin Hood" discovers the big tiddy bugs bunny stamp

July 24th, 8:30: someone matching the description of said user above goes to their local USPS as soon as it opens and purchases so many stamps that the financial crisis the USPS was facing is officially over

@RobinHood I just had to look up Quinn and I am not disappointed!

@RobinHood well then what the FUCK am i gonna do with THESE *throws a ream of horny bugs bunny stamps on the table*

@RobinHood “Oh, ‘philatelist.’ I thought this was for fellatalists.”

@RobinHood “But can we lick the backside of the stamps, John? Can we?”

@RobinHood you know what, my bad, in my memory it was a unicorn. I'll just keep it that way.

@RobinHood furry art by boomers that don't know what "furry" means always just his this particular... je ne sais quoi

@hoppet @RobinHood the boomers created Lola Bunny... Or maybe that was GenX? Either whatever horny fucker decided to make that bunny hot really pulled a number on this world

@RobinHood would it have been as beautiful if someone brought it to you? No, you needed to see it in nature.

@RobinHood honestly if someone told us that bugs bunny was canonically genderfluid we would not be surprised

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